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Women's benies

Beany : unavoidable accessory to protect yourself against winter's cold

This headgear is more than a beany to protect yourself against winter's cold. Indeed, beany is became the final touch for your head and your look for winter. We remain at your disposal to yours remarks but also to yours applications. Indeed we are able to make beanies made in our region. The Traclet's firm take care of yours heads.

Winter is comming : with shorter days and freezing wind. During these couple of month, we look afetre an accessory which is able to keep our head in the warm and our hears too. The survival kit during coldest days are : a coat, a scraf, gloves and also a beany. Wether it be for  young or older people; wether it be for short journey or for down snow-covered slopes, beany stay an unavoidable and vital accessory to keep your headin the warm and mostly the most wore headgear. It's the easiest headgear to put away but also an excellent protection against cold, wind and snow. 

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