Ceremony Hats

A hat to complete your formal wear

Our beautiful ceremonial hats will be a hit at a wedding, a chic evening or a gala. We offer more than 100 elegant and chic hats that will complement your festive outfit.

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Ceremonial hats

The ceremonial hat is the essential accessory for all the elegant people who wish to complete their evening outfit!

Our ceremonial hats are perfect for all the big events that mark your life: wedding, baptism, gala but also for parties & celebrations.

We offer a wide choice of headdresses for all your events, in noble and comfortable materials. Choose the top hat, the bowler hat and the tambourine for a retro style that is both elegant and original, or opt for the natural look of a straw hat. Our headbands and headband will structure your hair for a trendy and sophisticated look.

Our ceremony hats are suitable for all budgets: from the Cecilia straw hat at 19,00 € to the claque hat at 650,00 €.

If you don't find what you are looking for in our selection, don't hesitate to contact us

The black felt hat is perfect for those occasions and also for your dress parties. The black felt hat is perfect for those occasions and also in cold weather.

A hat a hat for a ceremony:

This hat is the chic hat for a wedding ceremony and is perfect for a woman

The headband is a practical choice of headwear for a wedding

This chef's blanket allows you to keep your hairstyle

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