The earmuffs

If you don't want to be bothered during the cold winter months, opt for a minimalist yet protective headgear. Traclet headwear's selection of earmuffs allows you to keep the most sensitive parts of your head, the ears, warm

The earmuffs will quickly become an essential accessory for your outdoor outings. Very practical, whether for your winter sports or simply in everyday life. The advantage of the earmuffs is that they can be folded up or folded down when necessary

Men or women, the earmuffs are an accessory for everyone! It will accompany you everywhere you go on outings

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Earmuffs - Purchase earmuffs for Women and Men
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The earmuffs: simple and elegant

Earmuffs are among the lightest headwear. It consists of only two balls of wool or hair at the ears and a handle that binds and holds them in place. In order to improve comfort, the handle is often covered with a soft and pleasant fabric. In addition, it is often slightly malleable, so that it can be adapted to the shape of the head

Earmuffs are often worn in the mountains by skiers or snowboarders. It provides protection from the cold on sunny days

The earmuffs: One shape but different styles

The Traclet hat shop offers you a selection of earmuffs for men and women that will satisfy all your desires. We have selected both chic and casual models so that everyone can find the model that suits him or her
Thanks to its minimalist shape, the earmuffs are easy to wear with all types of outfits

Many models such as caps, hats, bobs, hats ... have earmuffs to keep ears out of the cold. The advantage of these shapes is that they allow you to wear your favourite headgear in winter and to protect your ears if necessary. Very practical, you can choose to fold the earmuffs down or not according to your wishes

Don't hesitate to try or try again this comfortable model!

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