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Whether for men or women, the beret is the emblematic symbol of France, and it has been making a strong comeback in recent years as anessential fashion accessory. We are proud, at the Chapellerie Traclet, to be able to offer you a wide range of this mythical headgear with a very large and wide choice of berets for men and women, either in a classic style with the real Basque berets or in a revisited style, notably with the Kangol berets but also those of the emblematic French brand Laulhère.

With our unique range of berets, it will be difficult for you not to find the one that suits you ! We have berets for all budgets, from the cheap beret to the more expensive berets.

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Béret Paris Laine Merinos Corail - Heritage by Laulhère Béret Paris Laine Merinos Corail - Heritage by Laulhère
Heritage by Laulhère

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A few words on the origins of the beret

Its origin remains unclear, since it is not clear who invented it. However, some sculptures dating from the Middle Ages found in the Pyrenees attest to the presence of a headgear most similar to this one. It is the region of Béarn which claims the paternity of it, within which one can discover the first manufacture of the Basque beret, and it is for this reason that the manufacture of the beret was industrialized at the foot of the Pyrenees.

For many years he was the headgear of the Béarnais shepherd, protecting him from the cold, rain and wind. The beret then became a widespread headgear in the 17th century to become the most represented military headgear in the world with various colours and insignia and highly codified ways of wearing it. The beret is generally considered as a male headgear, but it has also become an element of women's fashion in France, with the creation of the Parisian beret from the 1930s, promoted by major Parisian designers by styling the hair of some film stars of the time

La Chapellerie Traclet where the largest choice of 100% French berets:

The French beret is known and recognised throughout the world as the emblematic headgear of the French people and it would be a shame not to benefit from the excellence in know-how of our French hatteries! This is why we offer you a very wide range of berets traditionally made in France.
We also invite you, in order to convince you, to take a look at the French berets offered by one of the most prestigious beret manufacturers: Laulhère. Laulhère offers superb wool berets made from the best raw materials for products of high quality and elegance. Now available in all its forms and with ever more vivid colours, the fashion beret has become a trendy and fashionable headgear that is increasingly worn by people at the cutting edge of fashion.

These berets will make you the muse of French style in all seasons!

Beside the Basque beret, many other berets exist, including the following: bearnais beret (according to some elders, the beret was about 12 inches long), beret landais, beret gascon, beret pyreneen...

Origin of the Basque beret

The beret is defined as the following headgear: a round, flat woollen hat. The word beret comes from the Béarnais word "berret" that Simin Palay; author of the Dictionary of Modern Béarnais and Gascon.

Simin Palay means the hairstyle of the Béarnais, of the Gascons and basque. In the Landes, the beret is also referred to as "bounet" or "capet"

The beret, a chic and trendy French accessory

Everyone knows the French beret or Basque beret, but do you know the history of the beret?

Many sources agree that the name beret would be of Gallic origin. It would indeed come from the word birrus, which at the time represented a short hooded coat commonly worn in Gaul. Later, the Béarnais defined a headgear in the shape of a flat woollen hat under the name of "berret" which would lose an r, but gain an accent, to become the "beret" that we know well... The name "Basque beret" is said to have been given by Napoleon III himself, during his many stays in the Biarritz region, when he supervised the construction of the palace erected for his wife by Basque workers who wore this flat hat

Nearly 2000 years of history links us to this endearing beret hat, which has since undergone great evolution. The French beret, also known as the Basque beret, is a hat that has managed, over the generations, to keep its place of choice despite the competition. All over the world, it is as well known as the famous "baguette" with which it is still associated today..

How is the beret made?

First of all, the raw material. The beret is mainly made of wool, but you will also find other materials such as :

  • Leather,
  • Felt,
  • The fabric,
  • Angora,
  • Cotton,
  • The fleece,
  • And acrylic.

The woolen beret requires several stages of manufacture. First of all, oil must be added to the wool in order to facilitate the untangling (or carding) so that it is then spun. The wool is then knitted on looms in the form of a circle and then re-meshed and hemmed. Furling is an important step, as it allows the stitches to be tightened by felting. The beret is then immersed in a bath of hot water and hammered with wooden mallets, which makes it more resistant. It is then dyed according to the trend of the moment in addition to the classic and timeless shades, and then shaped. Finally, scraping and shaving complete the finish.

Discover our range of cheap beret (traditional beret, beret cap...)

More than 120 berets of all colours (red beret, black beret, pink beret, blue beret, beige beret, white beret, grey beret...) ! From the cheap classic black, brown or beige beret to the military beret (navy blue, green, red beret) of the French army, through more modern shapes and colours..

Choose from a wide collection of women's beret, men's beret and children's beret. The beret seduces with its round shape and its trendy colour palette. Symbol of French elegance, it also knows how to adapt to fashion by boldly capturing the fantasies of the moment! It also symbolizes revolution and newfound freedom. He has styled the heads of many celebrities and remains very present on the catwalks at fashion shows. In the world of hats, the beret stands at the top of the pack without ever having to blush at his age..

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