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Berets, national symbol of France

Whether for men or women, the beret is the emblematic symbol of France, and it has been making a strong comeback in recent years as anessential fashion accessory. We are proud, at the Chapellerie Traclet, to be able to offer you a wide range of this mythical headgear with a very large and wide choice of berets for men and women, either in a classic style with the real Basque berets or in a revisited style, notably with the Kangol berets but also those of the emblematic French brand Laulhère.

With our unique range of berets, it will be difficult for you not to find the one that suits you ! We have berets for all budgets, from the cheap beret to the more expensive berets.

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Men, women, children, Chapellerie Traclet explains everything about this iconic headgear, from its origins to how to wear it to perfect your everyday outfits or your most beautiful events. A comprehensive guide that will help you find the perfect beret with ease.

The beret, from uniform to trendy fashion accessory

Symbol of a popular class in history, the beret is today a true fashion accessory, sophisticated and stylish. But where does it come from and how is it made? Here, we reveal all the secrets of the French beret.

The traditional headgear of shepherds

If often presented as the Basque beret, this type of headgear actually originated in Béarn. Invented in the 15th century and made of sheep's wool, it then enabled shepherds to protect themselves from the cold and rain, and quickly became an inseparable accessory to traditional outfits in southwest France. Particularly hard-wearing, the waterproof and warm beret was then adopted more widely by French alpine hunters before being democratized within armies worldwide. Gaining in popularity over the years, schoolchildren and student fraternities in turn grabbed hold of them to complete their daily outfits.

During the Second World War, the French beret became the emblem of the Resistance. A strong, hopeful political symbol that gave it a whole new dimension and helped make it even more popular after the Allied victory. Shapes and colors, the beret's many variations then enabled everyone to flaunt a refined, daring style whose fashion effect hasn't waned since.


Quality manufacturing and an iconic shape

The success of the beret lies in the comfort and style of its design. Indeed, the use of a noble, high-quality material such as sheep's wool promises a waterproof headgear that's particularly effective at keeping your head dry in all circumstances. Wool's properties enable it to retain up to a third of its weight in water, without you feeling the slightest discomfort. What's more, the resistant, elastic material of a beret adapts perfectly to your head for optimum insulation. When autumn returns, you'll be sure of impeccable style and good protection against low temperatures.


Finally, a traditional wool beret model is very easy to care for. This material absorbs few odors, so you can space out washings and wear your favorite accessory regularly. It's the perfect opportunity to combine this iconic headgear with all your looks for a fall/winter season without compromising on your style.

The beret: a timeless accessory

Far from uniforms, the beret is now a key wardrobe accessory, with multiple variations to suit every circumstance and every head. From the 1930s onwards, this masculine headgear was adopted by women for a sophisticated, assertive style. It embodied the art of living and French savoir-faire like no other fashion accessory. As popular as ever today, the beret brings a vintage, refined touch to your outfits all year round.

Featured and worn by celebrities or characters from successful series, the French beret therefore never ceases to seduce new generations and promises you a timeless and trendy accessory. A must-have you won't want to do without!

How to choose the right beret when shopping online


In order to ensure a fashion accessory that lives up to all your expectations, it's important to pay attention to certain criteria when choosing your beret. This will enable you to order it online with peace of mind and enjoy your new headgear to the full once you've received it.

1. The material of your beret

If traditionally designed in wool, the beret can also be made of cotton or synthetic fabric. In the first case, you benefit from an authentic, warm accessory, nevertheless the contact of wool can prove irritating and unpleasant for sensitive skin. In the second case, softer cotton promises a more comfortable beret, but one that will retain heat less effectively. Finally, while synthetic-fiber berets are more affordable, they will prove less durable over time.


2. The shape of your beret

There are now many different models of beret. Although the round shape remains the most common, you can also opt for shell or cap variants. These are accessories with character, which will hold their shape for a long time to come, for a style without false notes. For feminine models, the addition of a ruffle or the choice of a specific knit will be an opportunity to assert your personality a little more with a modern beret.


3. The color of your beret

Which color to choose for your beret involves defining its purpose in your wardrobe. Do you want a sober headpiece that will go with all your outfits or, on the contrary, a more distinctive accessory? Depending on your mood, you can choose a black or grey model for an everyday accessory, or opt for brighter colors such as red or green, to accentuate your outfit with an original bette.

What are the different types of beret?

A French emblem par excellence, the beret is also exported worldwide in a variety of cuts. When you want to effectively compare prices and the models available to you, it's essential to understand the specifics of each shape. Here we present the most popular ones for men and women:

  • The Basque or French beret: with a round shape and wide rim, this traditional beret is most often made from wool for an authentic, wearable accessory.
  • The military beret: in cotton or wool, military models are generally presented in blue or green tones. An ideal headgear for standing out and perfecting a rock style.
  • The trapper beret: more classic in shape, the wide variety of colors in trapper berets nonetheless allow you to find an accessory perfectly suited to your personality. Its wide brim and round shape will also ensure optimum comfort.
  • The cap beret: the stiffer cut of the cap beret brings a certain elegance to your headwear, without ever denying its popular identity. A shape favored by men for a chic accessory in all circumstances.

Summer or winter, for formal wear or a more casual look, there's therefore a beret to suit all your desires.

How to tell a beret from a cap


The cap has a visor, whereas the beret is round and has no visor. The beret is more foldable because the cap with its visor is less easy to store in your pocket.

What is the origin of the Basque beret?

Originally, the beret is a kind of hood that is attached to a pelerine - a loose-fitting, sleeveless coat covering the head and shoulders of the Roman soldiers who occupied the Aspe valley in Béarn. Inhabitants then adapted it to local resources and simplified it to keep only the head covering.

How to choose the right size for your beret?

For a comfortable and fashionable accessory, choosing the right size for your beret is essential. Indeed, if you opt for a model that's too small, it will tend to squeeze you uncomfortably. On the other hand, a beret that's too big won't stay in place, and can quickly fly off or fall off your head. To determine the right size beret, measure the circumference of your head, at forehead level, with a tape measure.

While a traditional beret has an adjustable headband and will thus fit a measurement of 54 cm to 62 cm, models with leather stays in particular will require you to choose a precise size. In addition, the beret you choose should harmonize with your silhouette for optimum effect. For women, we recommend berets with a 10" top diameter if you have broad shoulders, or 9.5" if not. For men, a 10.5-inch model is ideal if you have a broad bust. On the other hand, if you have a slim build, a 9.5-inch diameter would be preferable.

These general rules can vary, however, depending on the type of beret desired. For the same man, we'll then observe different dimensions:

  • 9.5 inches for a beret without rim.
  • 10.5 inches for a béret basque or traditional Béarn.
  • 11 inches for a large beret whose brim will be able to fall down.
  • 12 inches for a alpine hunter-type beret.

How to wear your beret for on-trend style


To add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, we recommend tilting your beret slightly to the side. This way, its brim sits naturally and ensures you have a trendy, elegant accessory. Depending on your preference, you can also place it slightly backwards, as long as it holds you still enough not to slip off your head.

From the most casual looks to the most sophisticated outfits, the beret bends to your every whim. With jeans, a dress or a suit, you can then shift your style by pairing your accessory with strong pieces, with a leather jacket or a long coat for example. Versatile and timeless, the beret accompanies you in all your activities and occasions for incomparable style.

A trendy casual look for everyday

With jeans and a plain T-shirt, the beret offers you the opportunity to accessorize your everyday outfit to perfection. In spring, pastel tones will match for a fresh, on-trend look. Conversely, in autumn or winter, you can opt for modern colors such as burgundy, khaki or navy blue. An elegant touch of color that lets you set your style apart with originality.

The perfect accessory for your formal wear

At weddings, christenings and anniversaries, it's not always easy to find the perfect accessories to match the theme and nature of your event. A cap beret for men or a thin cotton beret for women can complete your ensemble and hairstyle for a complete, sophisticated look. You can also add a fine brooch for a refined note and a distinguished nod to the day's theme.

Maintaining your beret for a long-lasting accessory

When you've painstakingly chosen a beret that's the right size and shape for you, it's important to take care of it for long-lasting enjoyment. Over time, perspiration and dust can soil your beret, depriving you of a chic, fashionable accessory. So, depending on the material of your headgear, we'll guide you here to good, quick and easy care.

Caring for a wool beret

Basque beret or French beret, your woolen headgear remains delicate. To respect the sensitivity of this material and avoid damaging it, we recommend washing it in lukewarm water only. You can use a soft cloth to lightly rub away any stains. Cleaning by hand ensures that your accessory is perfectly clean and retains its shape. A washing machine can damage the structure of your beret and weaken the material. Finally, simply leave your accessory to dry flat, in a dry, shady place, before storing it carefully or wearing it proudly again.

Caring for a merino wool beret

Merino wool is a high-end material, which will require washing in cold water preferably. Certain detergents specially designed for this fabric can also be used if your beret is stained or dirty. We also recommend scrubbing with a soft bristle brush that won't damage the fibers of this particular wool. Here again, it's important not to let your accessory dry in the sun or folded for impeccable results.

Caring for a cotton beret

To effectively remove a stain from your cotton beret, a cloth or rag soaked in ammoniated water will suffice. With gentle, circular movements, you'll be back to the pleasure of a clean, fashionable accessory in just a few moments. However, if you've opted for a white set, hydrogen peroxide is more suitable for effective cleaning. You'll be able to revive the shine of your headgear with ease.

Find the top beret brands on Chapellerie Traclet!

Eager to offer you quality accessories, Chapellerie Traclet has selected men's berets, women's berets and children's berets from the top brands. Kangol, Laulhère, etc., you can choose a traditional model for a timeless retro touch, or let yourself be seduced by Stetson or Hatteras cap berets to assert your personality. Whatever your style, our online boutique promises you a varied catalog and top-of-the-range items at the best prices to perfect your dressy or everyday outfits.


Hesitating about a model or size? Our sales team is at your disposal to help you make a purchase that will meet all your expectations once worn. You also benefit from a secure payment platform and fast delivery for an optimal experience on our site. Put your trust in Chapellerie Traclet and reinvent your style with our timeless berets!

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