Umbrellas: essential for mid-season periods

Mid-season periods are not known for their good weather. The umbrella quickly becomes an indispensable accessory to protect you and your beloved hat. That's why we offer quality umbrellas for you and your headgear, either in a large classic model or in a foldable format that is more convenient to carry. From now on, you will be able to face all the bad weather with serenity.

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Classic and modern umbrellas

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The shepherd's umbrella: big favorite of the category!

The shepherd's umbrella, available in a variety of colours, is the must have umbrella. This umbrella comes from the Pyrenees and is steeped in the history of our shepherds. The shepherd's umbrella was born in the Pyrenees in the 17th century. At that time, it was used by many shepherds. Its quality of manufacture and the materials used allowed shepherds to use it all their lives to protect themselves not only from the rain but also from the sun. In addition, its large size compared to the classic umbrella will allow you to stay easily sheltered with family or friends. The real shepherd is a product made by craftsmen (more than 4 hours are necessary to make this model) in France. Guarantee of an authentic product made in France which is of high quality

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