Chapka - Toque

Warm and beautiful in winter

For women who are cold, the chapka is the hat for women to wear to protect themselves effectively and stylishly from the winter cold. Our Russian chapkas come in different materials, finishes and shapes, with very feminine lines.

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Chapkas and toques for women

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The chapka: the traditional Russian hat

The Russians have well understood how to protect themselves from the bitter cold that reigns in the northern regions: they use the ouchanka to keep their heads warm. The name "Uchanka" comes from the contraction between the word "ouchka" which means "ears" with the word "chapka". This hat is thus characterized by its foldable parts that can cover the ears and the nape of the neck, or be tied on the top of the hat.

Formerly an emblem of power, this traditional Russian hat is now widely used in Eastern European countries and, for about ten years, in France.

The chapka: a trendy winter hat

The chapka is the essential hat for winter. Made of synthetic or natural fur, it offers a protective cocoon around the face and ears. The chapka allows you to comfortably tackle the coldest winters! The chapka has also become a Russian hat with very feminine lines by offering a wide variety of materials, patterns and colours. Women will find a chapka adapted to each style of clothing.

A chapka can have a classic look, this is the case with toques and traditional chapkas. However, the chapka also goes very well with a trendy look, with a cut and suppleness that allows for fantasy. The flaps can be folded up and attached to the top so that the chapka can be transformed into a toque in the style of Russian women.

For those who are looking for natural materials, we offer models in real fur, such as rabbit and fox, or wool-based. They will guarantee both warmth and softness for your head and ears. We also offer acrylic chapkas which allow for easier care.

Women's Chapka - For the extreme cold

The chapka is still as popular as ever! It is available in different materials and colours to suit all looks.

From the most casual to the most chic, there's a chapka for every character!

Warm and comfortable, it's a winter must-have to avoid catching cold and to cover up in style

The Chapellerie Traclet proposes you here its selection of chapkas dedicated to women, you will find suddenly on yours!

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