Historic Hats

Go back in time with the historical hats

Our period hats are perfect for a historical celebration, a theatrical performance or a fancy dress party! Stand out from the crowd with a hat so realistic that it could come straight from the time it was worn. Here you will find replicas of headgear from the last centuries, from the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution, each hat marks its time!

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Historical hats: History in hats

History lovers, cosplayers, directors and actors will find what they are looking for in this selection with a History theme. Our historical hats are reproductions of period hats for all occasions: theatre, costume ball, carnival, mardi gras, theme parties, conventions ...

Our historical hats cover several centuries of history, we find several major types of hats that have left their mark on history:

There are traces of the bowler hat or ball hat which dates from 1506. This hat with its completely rounded cap experienced a second wave of popularity at the beginning of the 20th century thanks in particular to Charlie Chaplin who popularized it in his silent films.

The tricorn appeared in the 1680s, its edges are folded into three horns, hence its name. A century later it is the bicorn, this time a hat with two horns, which exceeds it and becomes the headgear used by the majority of men. These are real pirate hats!

The top hat also has a very distinctive shape, with its very high flat cap. It was invented and worn in the early 1800s by men and was a symbol of elegance and wealth.

With the era of colonization a whole style was created, including the colonial hat or helmet. This type of hat was worn by the representatives of the great colonial empires in the 19th century.

You will find hats that have particularly marked French history such as the beret or the Phrygian bonnet, headgear, even the musketeers' hat, the peasant's hat of the 16th century, the hat of the Third State that is still associated with France today.

The conquest of the West is also represented with our cowboy hats, David Crokett hats and Indian headdresses. To stay in the United States you will also find models from the Civil War. You will find the confederate hat, the southern cap and the northern cap. Many reproductions of military hats, colonial helmets, and military caps from different eras are present here.

It's all the history in hats that we offer you here!

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