Hats - The Trilby shape - the timeless Little Edges Hats!

The Trilby shape refers to a hat with short edges (between 2 and 5 cm) with thefront curved downwards and the back raised, with a hollow cap that is smaller than the Fedora. This hat is also known as the Little Borders. The Trilby brings a touch of vintage rock in the very many existing hat shapes. It is the perfect compromise between the casualness of a Traveller and the class of a Fédora

Traditionally made of hair felt, it is now available in a wide range of materials. Come and discover our wide range of Trilby hats in tweed, wool or hair felt, or even in straw... for a trendy summer and winter look !

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Trilby hat: the rock touch par excellence!

It's the timeless hat shape that is also the most popular form of hat for all generations. The Trilby finds its origin in a novel by Georges du Maurier, adapted into a play where this hat shape was specially designed for the main actress: Trilby. Its success was not long in coming and today it has become a trendy hat, prized by many celebrities of all kinds (Emma Watson, Jonhy Halliday, Christophe Maé ...). It brings a touch of vintage rock but it is also the perfect compromise between the casualness of the Traveller and the class of the Fedora A trend that started as a male trend, which has now largely spread to the female gender

You will find a wide selection of Trilby hats at the Chapellerie Traclet. Whether classic, modern or trendy, there is something for everyone! We also offer the best brands of short-brimmed hats: Borsalino, Stetson, Goorin Bros, Guerra, Fléchet.... We can also make you adapted shapes, don't hesitate to contact us!

The narrow shape of the felt hat is called a trilby and has been called trilby especially since the 1960s.

The trilby - the fashionable hat for every occasion

For more sophisticated occasions, you can't go wrong with an elegant design made from felt or wool but also fabric and straw as well as the famous panama hat They add a touch of elegance to the fashionable look of your wardrobe.

In addition to felt trilby hats, those made from straw are also very fashionable Stetson but also Kangol, Borsalino, Flechet and Traclet offers a large selection of trilby hats for every head with more or less large and shaped edges

Made from toquilla, raffia or natural straw, the summer hat huddles around your head and rests on lightness The trilby will be the ideal fashion companion for women and men - whether for the countryside, the festival or the beach True hat lovers will choose several colours, so that they always have a trilby to suit all their outfits.

Choose your trilby according to the occasion and the outfit you will wear - each style complements your outfit One thing is for sure - you will always look good with a trilby You just need to choose one Discover our large selection of trilby hats for every occasion.

Well shaped both classic and modern - the hat with the characteristic short brim This is the classic hat that combines cheeky charm with casual elegance It was a great success in the sixties and this hat shape can now celebrate its return

Trilby hats are generally used to be worn by "British" riding fans and are now very popular in the music scene This "trilby" hat shape can also be spotted on the runways, in the streets of our towns and villages and has become a popular unforgettable accessory

No matter the occasion or the season - trilby will make you look stylish and casual The "original" trilby is a felt hat with a narrow brim, a fine hat ribbon and this grosgrain with hat bow

The trilby is characterized by its curved front brim which is raised in the back and two bumps on the front of the crown, which makes it easier to put on and take off The characteristic ribbon is made from fabric and is available in many different materials and colours. This shape stands out in the crowd The lining can be integrated or not depending on the hat, if it has one it makes it particularly comfortable to wear

The trilby from the house of Traclet impresses by its elegant and timeless shape, as well as the high-quality processing and use of high-quality materials: vitafelt, flexible, hair felt, natural straw, panama, wool felt, light wool, linen or pure cotton, to name but a few

A lightweight trilby hat made from straw or cotton is suitable for hot days, while on cold days fabrics made from comfortable materials such as wool or hair felt (e.g. the elkader from Stetson) and wool are comfortable to wear. It is the practical winter hat to wear.

All in all: the trilby hat is very versatile, functional and discreet, and looks good on every occasion

The felt hat from the sixties can be combined with a classic look, as well as with a casual ambience and elegant outfits

With the current trend, the trilby hat is an unconditional accessory If you tilt it down towards your face a little, it is guaranteed to loosen up your look

The trilby hat is the perfect companion for everyday life.

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