Wholesale hats

Wholesale of accessories

Whether you are an individual or a professional, you will have access to our wholesale prices. Whether it is for your own business or a fancy dress party, an associative event, a wedding, a birthday party? We will always strive to offer you a wide range of hats at interesting prices

Are you looking for large quantities of hats at the best prices? Don't look any further, we are here for you! Whether wool felt hats, straw hats, berets in different colors ... we will have something to satisfy you!

You will find different packs like those of our berets available in different colours (black - navy blue - pink - red and green) and one size fits all. You will have the choice between packs of 24, 200 or 1000 berets

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Purchase of hats and other accessories in large quantities

Private individual and/or professional, you are surely looking for accessories in large numbers for an event or simply for your own business. We thus offer products in large quantities with very interesting prices

Men's hats, women's hats, berets, all kinds of fashion accessories that can serve you for an evening, a party, a special event ..

If you need information or if you wish to ask us questions, please contact us by e-mail at the following address: contact@chapellerie-traclet.com or by phone at:

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