Child berets

The beret, for a look so frenchy...

An emblematic symbol of France, the beret is back in the spotlight as an essential part of typically French fashion. From the woolen beret to the cotton beret, it will accompany your child everywhere and at all times, whatever the season!

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child's beret

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Chapellerie Traclet : the beret experts !

For more than a hundred years, we have been meticulously selecting what we think is the best in terms of beret, and at the best value for money. We also have our own collection of Traclet berets! In the wide selection of children's berets that we can offer you, you are sure to find the one that suits him or her, whatever your budget: from the leather Torpedo beret to the trendier and more modern berets, not forgetting the traditional Laulhère berets.

An essential accessory for a Cub Scout's outfit, the beret can also be worn every day on little heads, whether or not they are scouts. So frenchy, the children's beret is also available in many materials and colours for toddlers! A mixed headgear that will please both girls and boys, from 6 to 13 years old.

An accessory that we also offer of French manufacture and quality!

We also offer a wide choice of materials (cotton, wool, leather ...) to protect your child whatever the season !

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