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The beret, a masculine style between tradition and modernity

Discover our selection of quality berets for men. About a hundred references that bring together all styles, from the Basque beret, to the pie of the Alpine hunters through the military beret!

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Characteristics of the beret

The men's beret is a round, flat or puffy headgear, made of wool or velvet, with or without brim. There are several forms: there is the pie, worn by alpine hunters, the Basque beret and the military beret

Young men often use the word beret to refer to a cap.

The traditional Basque beret

The real Basque beret is first knitted and then stitched. Then, thanks to the alchemy of the water in the gaves, it is washed then fulled and then felted before being dyed. Finally, the beret is finalized by scraping and shaving operations. To make a beret, it takes about 8 hours of work to ensure its quality. All its stages have remained unchanged for 150 years.

The beret: a bit of history

The Basque beret, contrary to popular belief, comes from Béarn and not from the Basque Country as its name seems to indicate.

The name "Basque beret" comes from the time of Napoleon III when, while visiting the Basque region, he noticed many inhabitants wearing this type of headgear. He then called it the "Basque beret". Since that time, and even today, the beret has been called "Basque beret"

In the 1940s, the beret made its big comeback in France and became a kind of symbol of France. Connoted frenchy, the beret was banned in Alsace - Lorraine during the Second World War.

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