Polar Fleece

The Polar Fleece Fabric

It is a fabric made of natural and other synthetic fibres, in which you can buy many accessories such as hats and other headgear. A material that, compared to others, has many properties such as heat retention for example. It also protects against the cold and retains heat. It is therefore very much used and appreciated by its users both during outdoor activities and in a more professional setting.

This material is also very soft and pleasant to wear, which appeals to both young and old. You can find many articles and accessories in fleece such as scarves, caps, caps, gloves on our Tracletwebsite.

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All you need to know about fleece

The first fleece fabric to be manufactured was in 1979 by the company Malden Mills. This material was intended to be innovative, light and comfortable, having many qualities as for wool for example. Unlike wool, fleece is very soft and also retains heat while protecting against the cold. You can thus find hats, caps, berets, scarves, gloves?

Its many properties

The fleece dries quickly, while still allowing the skin to breathe, which is perfect in rain and snow. It also has other qualities such as being soft, warm and very comfortable to wear. This is why this material is found in many accessories and clothes

An ideal fabric when winter arrives. Many accessories and clothes are made from this material. So you can find gloves, hats, caps, hats, necklaces, sweaters and fleece jackets to protect from the cold and keep warm

An essential for winter

This material is used for the outside of garments and accessories, as well as for the inside, such as linings, making them more comfortable to wear. This fabric is also very appreciated by children and adults, soft and comfortable, it is easy to wash and can be found in all everyday accessories. It is particularly used in sports articles and winter activities such as hiking or simply going skiing

In addition to being very practical, articles made from this fabric are often very affordable and have the added quality of being folded and handled as you wish. You will be able to take these articles everywhere, in your suitcase or bag, without any trouble.

Fleece fabric is a real must for your winters, make the right choice to spend all your winters warm at low prices, thanks to our selection of hats, caps, berets, gloves, scarves on Traclet

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