The hat, the fashion accessory against the cold

Much more than a simple protection against the cold, the hat has become a true winter fashion accessory, allowing you to personalize or add a touch of style to your outfits. This is particularly the case with the oversize hat which is currently a huge success with celebrities and their catwalks.
The hat is one of the headwear that has an infinite number of possible variations , for both men and women, in terms of materials (cashmere, angora, woollen hat, acrylic ...) or shapes (short, long oversize, with pompom ... )

Traclet is proud to offer you its wide range of fashionable, trendy, practical and, above all, affordable caps. Let us warn you... you may well find here the one that will make you fall for it!

The hat is no longer just an accessory to protect yourself from the cold, it is the final touch to your winter style!

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A large choice of branded hats!

The beanie is the essential accessory to keep warm and to show off your style on the slopes! At the Chapellerie Traclet we take your needs seriously, and offer hats from leading brands. Contact hat specialists such as Coal or Pipolaki, or prestigious hatteries such as Stetson or Brixton. Are you more of a traditional beanie? You have the choice between Capcho hats handmade in Nepal or Savoyard hats signed Le drapo! Finally the Redeye cups offer a more urban look.

If you don't find what you are looking for, we can also make on request personalized and unique hats in our region of Roanne

Cap shapes

There are many variations of the bonnet, here are the main types

The long beanie also known as an oversize beanie or beanie is a beanie that allows for extreme comfort. Its special shape of the beanie's drooping cup makes it a perfect accessory for an urban look that suits both men and women.

The short bonnetor traditional bonnet is still as much on the heads. This hat has proven to bring comfort and warmth to the skin in all its derivatives of colours and patterns.

The cap combines the comfort of a hat in winter with the protection provided by a visor. It is perfect for mountain sports enthusiasts.

The peruvian cap or chullo as they say in Peru is very well known for its shape. Indeed, earmuffs that end in braids are incorporated into the cap. This cap is often made with large woollen stitches and has very bright colours.

The pompom cap is, as its name suggests, a cap topped with a pompom. This pompom cap is available in black, grey, blue and many more fancy colours. This hat is often made of wool to keep you warm on the ski slopes.

The breton miki cap is a hybrid between a hat and a cap. This Breton cap is basically a sailor's cap, in recent years it has become more and more popular. For a style at the forefront of fashion, this miki hat that you will find on our site in many colors (black, gray, red, white ...) is the piece you need.

The night capThe charlotte de nuit or night hat, depending on the name, is a short cap, fairly close to the skull. It is traditionally made of cotton and worn by women for the night. It is now worn by both men and women because it is a source of comfort during the night.

The team cap is the perfect way to show your support for a team. We offer caps for fans, football and other sports, including FFF and many New Era products, which is known for its NY snapback caps. Also support your teams with sports caps.

For a distinguished style, fur is an indispensable piece. You will find models for women and men in real and fake fur. The cap can be made entirely of fur or have a fur detail, a cap with a fur pompom for example.

When skiing, wearing a hat is essential to protect yourself from the cold and the sun. Different types of hats, men's and women's hats, may suit you for winter activities. You can wear the classic and timeless pompom hat or the Peruvian hat for an original and colorful style.

The lapel cap the short hat as we all know it, is a little longer and has a part that is rolled up. The docker's hat is making a big comeback with its marine style that will please many people, women and men alike.

Hat care

It is important, when you want to clean your cap, to look at the label to find out what you can and cannot do.

A large part of the caps are entirely or partly made of wool, this material shrinks in the machine, that's why it is recommended to wash your cap by hand in warm water. Then wring the hat out in a towel and dry it flat to avoid the risk of deformation of the hat.

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