Winter Cap


The cap for a warm and trendy winter

The cap is the must-have accessory as well as the hat and bonnet to keep your head warm on cold winter days. The cap has the advantage that it appeals to everyone. You can find it in young and trendy shapes such as the baseball shape or more classic and traditional, such as the Hatteras cap, the duck beak shape, flat... It is also a mixed accessory that can be found on women, men and children alike

A cap for winter is often made of wool but also cashmere, or fleece in different styles, with many choices of patterns and colours. It is also an accessory that is easier to wear and to match with many outfits. It will give you a casual and trendy look at the same time. We also recommend leather caps, very warm and resistant, they will be real companions for the long winter days

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Cap Cap

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The cap for this winter: baseball, flat, hatteras, gavroche..

The cap can also be developed in many shapes and colours to suit all tastes and desires. Indeed, if you wish to opt for a more feminine and trendy shape, the gavroche cap is made for you! A simple and unavoidable shape that will bring the final touch to your winter looks. The gavroche cap is of course an accessory that can also be worn by men in more sober colours and patterns

If you like a sporty and casual look, we recommend the baseball shape. It's a must for all seasons and is very popular with the youngest ones. Easy to wear and easy to tune, it puts everyone in agreement. Available in wool or in more noble materials such as cashmere or leather, it will bring you all the warmth and comfort you'll need this winter

The sailor's cap is also making a comeback, especially for fashion fans. Indeed, for the past few years, this cap with its authentic shape has been seen on the haute couture shows and on the heads of the greatest fashionistas. Revisited in different colours and materials, you will have the choice!

You will then find traditional shapes such as the flat cap, duck beak, hatteras, brooklin which will also please you!

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