Gavroche Cap

The Gavroche cap is a particular form of cap, known for itswide, very puffy shape. It features eight sides as well as a visor that can be either rigid or flexible. Discover our collection of this cap shape that is seducing more and more people, from the most classic models to the trendiest.

Gavroche cap collection

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The origin of the cap lies in an association between the beret and the kepi. It first appeared in the 19th century. It was initially very fashionable among the working classes, but owes its rise mainly to baseball, which made this shape very popular with the general public.

The gavroche cap is mainly worn by women, but remains a mixed model. This headgear was widely popularized in France by the character of Gavroche in Victor Hugo's novel Les Misérables. Today, this form of cap is seen as aretro form that is coming back into fashion.

Concerning the Gavroche men's women's and children's shape

The gavroche cap is today considered a retro shape that is making a growing comeback in fashion. Mainly worn by women, this shape is nonetheless a mixed headgear that can also be worn by men who are looking for a hat that's wider or even x-wide than Irish caps, and especially looser than the Hatteras shape. It's a year-round hat, with different fabrics for different seasons. This item will be good company when the weather turns cool, with the use of thick woollens for its design. For summer, the Gavroche cap will be more linen or cotton (hand wash and dry flat).

Also known as the "poulbot cap", it is the very representation of the famous "titi parisien"! This cap lends a unique style to any outfit. You can wear it with a dressy style when you fold the ribs over the visor, or give yourself a dandy chic look by wearing it on one side if you feel like it.

Cheap Gavroche caps at all prices!

Many Gavroche cap materials are available at Chapellerie Traclet: linen, wool and leather. Chapellerie Traclet offers a wide selection of Gavroche caps, from the classic to the trendiest, to suit all budgets. From inexpensive men's Gavroche caps and inexpensive women's Gavroche caps to more luxurious models, Gavroche caps suit everyone!

The women's gavroche cap is also for a chef's cover worn by men. The gavroche style is a vintage style that is making a comeback in mainland France in particular.

The gavroche cap for women is also for a chef's cap worn by men.

The gavroche cap is a retro shape with both legendary and incomparable charm. The gavroche cap is worn by men and women alike. This vintage cap is derived from the practical traditional cap to give you an original style. Take a tour of our products on our online store and put in your basket, the color, material, shape with or without button that you like the most and according to the desired quantity before placing your order.


Why choose Chapellerie Traclet for your gavroche cap?

Are you a fan of retro style? Are you looking for a gavroche cap? Chapellerie Traclet offers avaried choice of hats from different brands. Whatever size you're looking for, you're bound to find the perfect gavroche cap!

A vast selection of gavroche caps for men

As well as being fashionable, the gavroche cut has the advantage of being equally suitable for men and women. While it is more often worn by women, it is also much appreciated by men for its original allure. It comes in a range of colors (black, brown, beige, olive green, etc.) and materials (wool, tweed, cotton linen, leather, velvet, etc.). These assets make it a practical accessory!The gavroche cap goes with your outfits whatever the style.

Brown, black or beige are among the colors to go for if you're looking for a men's gavroche cap to wear every day. These sober tones will pair perfectly with all your outfits.

Adopt an original style with our gavroche caps for women

The women's gavroche cap is first and foremost a trendy accessory that will polish off your look. Chapellerie Traclet offers a wide selection of hats in a wide range of colors. For a sophisticated look, you'll opt for a Kangol brand cap and solid tones like black, white or beige.

Those who want a touch of originality will fall for a cap with patterns like chevrons or leopard print. Warm, soft materials for winter (wool, tweed, etc.), lighter fabrics for summer (linen, cotton, etc.); the gavroche cap will dress your head in style all year round!

Crave for the chic side of a child's gavroche cap

The domed shape ofthe gavroche cap is also suitable for younger children. Discover our selection of models for both girls and boys. Would you like to find a hat, other than a black beanie, to keep your little one's head nice and warm? Opt for a gavroche cap for children!

A wool model will be perfect for winter. And to protect your little one from the sun, while guaranteeing maximum comfort, opt for the lightness of linen or cotton! In addition to practicality, a child's gavroche cap is an ideal solution for adding a touch of chic to an outfit. So youngsters can wear it every day, as well as for a special occasion!

Get yourself a quality gavroche cap at the best price

Choosing la Chapellerie Traclet to buy your gavroche cap is the assurance of enjoying a quality product at the best price! We offer a wide selection of hats from the biggest brands with real know-how. Lovers of the retro look will be tempted by the vintage feel and quality of a Stetson cap.

If you're primarily looking for a hat with an elegant, sober cut, bet on a product from the Bailey or Kangol brands. For a more casual look, opt for aBrixton gavroche cap. These brands are among the most popular among hat enthusiasts!

The gavroche cut: a cap that comes in a variety of materials

As well as being equally suitable for a woman, a man or even a child,the gavroche cap adapts to different styles. It comes in a range of materials: wool and velvet for winter, then cotton and linen when temperatures are milder. But in addition to practicality, these materials also contribute to the cap's aesthetic dimension. A Peaky Blinders-style brown tweed model will be the ideal option if you're looking for an elegant accessory with a vintage twist.

For maximum comfort, you'll also find wool caps with polyester lining. Softer, this fabric lining will bring a lot of comfort. When it comes to looks, you'll fall for the herringbone prints of Stetson models and trendy colors like black, brown, beige or olive green.

At the same time, you'll be able to wear a hat with a polyester lining.

crush for one of our gavroche caps? Are you hesitating between a woolen model from Kangol or one in black leather from Bailey? Or would you prefer a Hatteras cap or a beret? Treat yourself to one of our available pieces, with free delivery for customers over 90 euros!

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