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The Gavroche caps of the Chapellerie Traclet

The origin of the cap was born from an association between the beret and the kepi. It first appeared in the 19th century. At first it was very fashionable among the working classes, but it owes its development mainly to baseball, which made this form very popular with the general public. The Gavroche cap is a particular form of cap, known for its wide, very puffy shape. It consists of eight sides as well as a visor that can be either rigid or flexible. This cap shape is nowadays perceived as a retro shape that is coming back into fashion. Discover our range of this cap shape which is attracting more and more people, from the most classic to the most trendy models

Currently it is mainly worn by women, but remains a mixed model. This headgear was widely popularized in France by the character of Gavroche in Victor Hugo's Les Misérables.

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About the Gavroche shape

The gavroche cap is nowadays considered a retro form that is coming back more and more in fashion. Mainly worn by women, this shape is still a mixed headgear that can also be worn by men who are looking for a hat that is wider than the Irish caps and especially looser than the hatteras shape. It is a headgear that can be found all year round with different fabrics depending on the season. It will be good company when the weather becomes cool, with the use of large woollen fabrics for its design. For the summer, the Gavroche cap will be made of linen or cotton.

Also called "poulbot cap", it is the very representation of the famous "Parisian titi"! This cap gives a unique style to any outfit. You will be able to wear it with a dressy style when you fold the ribs on the visor, or give you a dandy chic look by wearing it on one side.

Cap Gavroche cheap, at all prices!

Several materials for Gavroche caps are available at the Chapellerie Traclet: linen, wool and leather. The Chapellerie Traclet offers a wide selection of Gavroche caps, from classic to trendy, for all budgets. From the cheap Gavroche men's cap, the cheap Gavroche women's cap to the more luxurious models, the Gavroche cap fits everyone!

The Gavroche cap for women is also for a chef's hat worn by men. The gavroche style is a vintage style that is coming back.

The gavroche cap is a retro shape that is both legendary and has an incomparable charm. The gavroche cap is worn by both men and women. This vintage cap is derived from the practical traditional cap to give you an original style.

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