Protect your hands from the winter cold

Whether you wear mittens or gloves, you'll find something to dress your hands with. Traclet has selected quality gloves for you.

Gloves for the winter but also for the summer. We offer both leather models for a classy look, as well as fleece gloves to keep your hands warm.

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History of the glove

The history of the glove goes back thousands of years, which is consistent because people at the time had the same or even more dangerous problems with cold and hand protection than we do. There are writings that mention the use of gloves for these reasons dating back to ancient Rome.

However, it is worth noting the time when the glove was considered as a fashion accessory, and this was in Europe around the 13th century. It was later popularized and democratized as an ornament by the British royal family in the 19th century.

Today the glove is considered a useful accessory, which protects from the cold while bringing a touch of elegance to your outfits.

Types of gloves

Gloves are used for a variety of reasons, be it aesthetic or otherwise:

The main reason for wearing gloves in this day and age is the time factor. When temperatures drop it makes sense to wear gloves to protect your fingers from the cold. Gloves are put on in materials that retain heat, such as wool or acrylic gloves.

On the contrary of the practical reason, one can choose to decorate oneself with gloves for aesthetic reasons. Women often wear gloves during ceremonies or a rather classy event. These gloves can be long or short gloves, decorated with details such as knots, rhinestones or beads.

For certain activities it is advisable to wear gloves. These activities can be professional with physical jobs or sports where one uses one's hands a lot and it is preferable to protect them.

On long journeys wearing female leather driving gloves or male leather driving gloves can give the driver a better grip on the steering wheel or handlebars.

Mittens are a type of glove that has the fingertips cut off, this gives the advantage of the warmth of the glove on the palm while having more freedom of movement than with conventional gloves.

At Traclet you will find a wide variety of men's and women's gloves, whether it's for winter or for any other reason!

Match your winter headgear, be it a cap, hat or cap, with your gloves!

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