Cap without visor

Cap without visor

The cap is essential but the cap without visor is not very common but easily replaces a cap.

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Buy the cap without visor, a style of cap cap without visor. For an equally stylish outfit, opt for the cap without visor!

Between the hat and the cap, it is a very modern and trendy accessory at the moment. As practical to wear in summer as in winter, the cap without visor can be available in different materials such as cotton and linen for the summer season and in wool, cashmere... for the winter

It is also a headgear very appreciated by men but which is nowadays more and more adopted by women for its retro style

This visor cap can also be called a docker's cap or a sailor's cap. Many brands are reinventing this accessory, such as the French brand Béton Ciré, or the major Stetson brands

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