Fedora hat, or pure class it up

With the exception of caps, the Fedora hat shape is the most popular hat shape for men. This shape designates a hat with broad edges in general, with the back brim raised and a cap folded in the middle. This headgear is the symbol of an entire era, the emblem of all gangsters and detectives. Today it is worn as a high-class fashion accessory bringing style and class to all your outfits. It takes its name from the heroine of Victorien Sardou's Eponymous play played in 1882 in Paris.

Originally, the fedora hat is a hat made of felt hair, more particularly rabbit or hare, which was later declined in many materials such as wool felt or straw for summer models.

Come and discover our wide selection of Fedora hats that will bring you class and style whether they are made of felt for the winter, straw or cotton for the summer.

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Fedora Messer Wool Felt Hat Green - Brixton Fedora Messer Wool Felt Hat Green - Brixton
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The Fedora the accessory prized by the world of cinema!

The invention of the Fedora hat shape goes back to the Italian Guiseppe Borsalino, the founder of the very famous Borsalino hat factory, who gave his name to this hat shape. The fedora hat is therefore also possible to be called Borsalino by some people. The term Fedora refers to all other hats that are not made by the Borsalino company.

This shape has been highly prized by emblematic figures of the cinema, such as Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca or Jean-Paul Belmondo in Borsalino, who beautifully staged the Fedora hats. In the 30s and 40s, the Fedora was worn in many cult gangster films. The Fedora hat then competed with the Trilby shapes worn by the Blues Brothers and even the Indiana Jones Traveller shapes! Once worn as a fashion accessory by the upper class, the Fedora hat brings an assertive style to all your outfits.
La Chapellerie Traclet offers you Fedora hats for all seasons, summer or winter, and at all prices, from the cheap Fedora hat to the more expensive Fedora hats. We have some in straw or cotton for the summer months and in felt for the winter. You will find a wide choice of Fedora hats, among many brands whose reputation is well established: Borsalino, Stetson, Guerra, Flechet, Bailey and many more

In case you are looking for a reading on the advent and decline of the Fedora hat, we suggest the work of Neil Steinberg Hatless JACK the President, the Fedora, and the History of an American style.

If you are having difficulty choosing from our Fedora hats, we have provided you with a full range of research tools at the top of the page. This will allow you to search for your happiness by material, size, colour and brand in addition to the direct search bar.

Wake up the gangster in you with the ultimate Fedora chic!

How to wear a Fedora hat

Wearing a fedora hat with a suit or blazer is instantly a recognition factor. It's the hat to have in a wardrobe to get dressed. Choose a fedora with a wider brim to add a masculine edge.

After all, for most of the 20th century, until 1960 the fedora hat was the law. When John Kennedy took off his hat during his presidential inauguration, men were not considered to be dressed without their hats. In this century, the fedora was king (also known as a trilby in Europe) supplanting, in a short time, all other styles for men

Although the style is mainly associated with men, the name "Fedora" comes from the heroine of the French playwright Victorien Sardou's drama presented in Paris in 1882. She wore the style of hat that was to become the hallmark of films about the gangsters from ChicagoMany of them were worn by journalists in the newspapers in the 1930s

Today, the fedora hat is the style of the best men. This style can often be worn in safari style with the brim down or the crown of the fedora with the brim facing down at the front and back. This shape received a huge boost with the Indiana Jones movies where the Indy hat was emblematic of the man. In our hatteries, our hatters offer you hats to find your needs and homms hats but also for women

The fedora hat is always present in our collections in summer and winter.

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