Military cap

The military cap - a strong comeback!

The military cap, also known as the Cuban cap, has been making a big comeback in recent years.

This headgear is distinguished by its small visor and a flat cap, which is becoming more and more attractive.

Mixed, it can be adopted for an army look as well as for a casual and casual style

Available in a variety of materials and colours, it can also be found in sometimes different shapes

Traclet offers you a varied selection of caps, from the most classic to the most modern

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Cuban military army cap - urban cap
Cap Cap
Cap Cap

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Army cap: a military look

This cap shape is inspired by the lines of the military's head covers, the military cap is simple, effective and straightforward. Often with a camouflage pattern, this cap is often used as official headgear.

It is Fidel Castro's favourite accessory during his years with Che Guevara, hence the military cap with the star. In europe, this cap is quite unknown and gives a style out of the ordinary. A contemporary trend for those who are looking for a discreet cap that enhances the shape of your face. Army caps have outgrown their military and male use; nowadays even women love its revolutionary and modern look.

The return of the military also in the cap

The army cap also called Cuban cap seduces men who are looking for an accessory diverted from its uses. The military cap is also much appreciated by those who admire Cuba and more particularly Che Guevara. It is the accessory which is inspired by the guerrilla!

The 5 panel, a less military style; you'll prefer a more trendy shape, opt for the 5 panel cap, resolutely less marked and more street oriented.

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