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An outdoor hat that protects you on every occasion

Go on adventures well protected with our selection of solid outdoor hats that will keep your head safe from harsh weather conditions while completing your explorer look!

Adventurer Hat Collection

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Outdoor hat - Adventure

Choose a outdoor adventure hat to go out in any weather!

These hats will give you a great explorer look while keeping your head dry, protected from the elements. Wind, snow, rain, sun, opt for ahat, beanie or even beret suited to the weather conditions.

Slip into the skin of an adventurer with our Rantoul Traveller Stetson hat!

The straw colonial hat is perfect for sunny summers.

Are you planning to travel to the Far West? The gorgeous Alanreed cowboy hat is just for you!

Finally, our outdoor adventure hats can also protect against the cold. Set out to conquer the far north with this genuine Russian fur chapka!

Adventure into new territory with Chapellerie Traclet.

On your way to the mountains, the countryside or on Safari, before you go; think of the headpiece

In fact, it's a good idea to settle the question of your head protection beforehand.

And to do this, both material and design play an important role.

From the sun, your head cover whether hat or cap; will come in very handy for sun protection or against the cold.

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