Flat cap

The flat cap - traditional and casual

Wear by the working class in the 1930s, the flat cap is distinguished by its classic shape and central button

It is a headgear that offers both casual and timeless style, allowing you to accessorize a wide range of outfits, both city and country

It is often found in wool, cashmere, or tweed The cap can also be made of alcantara

Some tips for washing your cap

Above all, never put it through a machine!

To clean the grosgrain (inner headband), take a cloth moistened with soapy water (or water with ammonia) and rub gently.
Once you have gone around the cap, rinse the cloth with clear water and iron it again on the inner headband to remove any trace of soap.

Let it dry in the open air, you will find your cap as good as new!

For a more general cleaning, you can fill a pan with cold water and pour a few drops of ammonia.
Let it work for a few minutes and rinse the cap with cold water. Then dry it at room temperature and away from a radiator. It will then look like it used to!

For more details, do not hesitate to read our article on washing the cap

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