Straw hats

Practical and light, you'll love the straw hat

The straw hat is a must in summer thanks to the straw which is a light and airy material. The shapes vary for more or less coverage of the face while the multitude of different colours adapts to each style and each skin tone. Fashionable look or more traditional? You will find the straw hat that suits you best, among more than 400 models of straw hats and at all prices!

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Straw hat: the summer trend

Very trendy, the straw hat is a must !

Worn for centuries, it is now back in vogue thanks to many brands of hats.

Straw hats can come in different shapes: garden or colonial hats with shapes like trilby, fedora, traveller, player.
There are also Panama hats. These were widely used by the construction workers of the Panama Canal in 1881

Ideal during your walks in the countryside or in town, this headgear will ensure you an effective protection, with elegance, against the sun and heat.
For ceremonies and special occasions, the straw hat is also available in more chic versions (Raphia, Panama ...)

The reason why we love straw is because it has the advantage of being a natural, light and comfortable product that insulates from heat

We offer a beautiful selection of straw hats to protect you from the sun by following the summer trends!

But you still need to choose and find the straw hat that suits your head.
At Traclet we offer you both the choice on our shop and expert advice on our blog to find the perfect hat and the kind you'll like.

Whether you are looking for a straw hat, Panama hat, in raffia or paper (toyo), natural or in color, with a classic braid with a hatter's knot or more original, you will find a straw hat of quality, at all prices.

Don't forget to take your head circumference measurements, which are very useful when choosing a suitable straw hat!

Straw hat: care tips

The first advice to keep your straw hat for a long time? It is to choose a quality straw! To evaluate the quality of a straw hat we advise you to look at the fineness of the braiding: the more finely braided the straw hat is, the more resistant it will be! You will find many models made in Italy and offering the best value for money

To care for your straw hat, store it on its cap in a clean place and brush it from time to time with a hat brush or a damp cloth. In the event of stains, we advise you to clean your straw hat with special products that will not damage the straw, such as this straw hat cleaner.

The straw hat, a cult hat..

The straw hat man, woman or child is an accessory that smells good the beautiful season, holidays and sunny walks in the heart of summer ... Its varied shapes and comfort make it a timeless accessory that is always in the tabloids. Yellow or white, decorated with decorative elements or a matching ribbon, it will be up to you and your desires!

Where does the straw hat come from?

The straw hat has been present on all continents for centuries, it was already used in antiquity. We find it on statuettes representing Greek women wearing a round straw hat with wide brim, this straw hat woman was called the tholia. Later, in the Middle Ages, it was mainly peasants who wore the straw hat, also with a wide brim, to protect themselves from the sun. During the Renaissance, it became a mixed fashion accessory, very fashionable at the court of kings... Elegant women took over this hat, which had been popular until then. In the 19th century, ladies considered the garden hat as particularly elegant, they competed with originality by decorating them with ribbons and flowers. The 19th century is also that of the famous canoeist with his unmistakable style and whose image remains linked to the guinguettes, music-hall and cycling

How do you weave a straw hat?

If you want to make your own straw hat, it can be very long and tedious. Indeed, it will be easier for people with some basic sewing skills to make their own hat. However, if you like a challenge, we advise you to follow tutorials on Youtube, in which it will be explained how to proceed. To begin, we advise you to choose a raffia-straw, which is more flexible and malleable. The real straw is much more difficult to work, only craftsmen are able to weave it without breaking it

The straw hat, quite an art..

In the 18th century, the painter Rubens dedicated a painting to him simply entitled "The Straw Hat", and the same will be true with "Self-Portrait with Straw Hat" by Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun. Vincent Van Gogh painted no less than 24 self-portraits, including 7 in which he wore a straw hat. Renoir was also not the last to highlight this headgear, notably in "La Fille au Chapeau de Paille", but also in numerous paintings depicting portraits of young women, popular balls or life scenes. The famous canoeist, also painted by Renoir, styled the hair of such famous people as Maurice Chevalier, Gabrielle Chanel, Fred Astaire or Audrey Hepburn in the world of cinema, music-hall and fashion. More recently, international actors such as Johnny Depp or Léonard Di Caprio have worn it in some of their films. The ladies are not to be outdone, Chloë Sevigny, Diane Kruger, Louise Roe and Jessica Alba have made it their favorite hat and are accumulating likes on Facebook ..

Traclet straw hats

You will find on our site some 412 straw hats at all prices, in all shapes, all colours and all brands, including Bailey, Stetson, Brixton... Decorated with ribbons, flowers or pearls, printed straw hats... Discover them and choose the one that will satisfy you.

The different kinds of straw

  • Paper straw also called toyo, made from cooked straw and woven lime,
  • The raffia from palm leaves,
  • Classic straw,
  • The Panama made from Carludovica Palmata.

Shapes of straw headgear:

  • Bells,
  • Caps,
  • Petticoat,
  • Ceremonial hats,
  • Trilby,
  • Player,
  • Panama..

The coarse grain of the weave gives a feeling of freshness even in summer, because the hat is airy. The different styles of weaving are the result of a know-how that has been passed down through the ages without ever falling into oblivion. The straw hat is more than ever trendy to dress all your summer outfits. Its braided straw is perfect for all circumstances, for a fluid and slender silhouette

Let yourself be seduced on our online shop by the charm, the quality, the comfort and the lightness of the straw hat. Its supple materials and elegant weaving make it definitely the star hat of the summer to wear without moderation!

How to wear the straw hat ?

In our opinion, there is no point in overdoing it. The straw hat can be worn on the beach (be careful to take your hat off when you go swimming) or in the centre of Paris. It has the advantage of being most often worn with a casual look while bringing a certain elegance. As far as clothing is concerned, we advise you to play on simplicity with an everyday dress and for men, summer trousers and a t-shirt will be just as effective

For hairdressing, we advise you for example to leave your hair natural when you wear your straw hat at the beach and for the evening, don't hesitate to opt for more elaborate hairstyles, with a braid on the side for example. It will bring the finishing touch to any look and can be worn on a man's or a woman's head.

It will also provide you with effective protection against the sun thanks to its composition and wide edges, while keeping your head cool. And what is your opinion, practical for this summer no?

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