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The bowler hat has become a cult form, notably through Charlie Chaplin's comedies, but also in film. It's an accessory that helped create characters' own identities, like Laurel and Hardy but also in Bonnet hat and leather boots with John Steed. Today, this headgear is also worn very well by women and is becoming an accessory for "fashionistas".

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Bowler hat - Bowler hat styles and models

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About the bowler hat

The current melon hat, which we all recognize from its domed shape, was designed in 1849 for a horseman wanting to protect his head from tree branches while riding. He tested the hat's sturdiness by standing on the cap, which held firm. Melon hats are available in wool felt and, for top-of-the-range models, in hair felt. A hat shape that's back in fashion, for a chic, refined look that's sure to make an impact!

Accompanied by the neatest mustache and a three-piece suit, it became the absolute symbol of respectability and more especially in England. He was also a symbol of social mobility, sought after by those wishing to improve their situation. In the USA, it's also known as the Derby hat and was worn by many legendary desperadoes, including Billy the Kid and Butch Cassidy.
In France today, it's still widely used at the Prix de Diane in Chantilly, a social gathering where men wear it along with gibus and top hats. Women, meanwhile, sport the most spectacular headgear.

The bowler hat: a shape made famous by film and TV characters

You only have to pronounce the name of the melon hat to immediately think of one of the world's most famous former series. Called "Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir" in France, the British series is also known by its real name "The Avengers". It follows the adventures of two characters; Emma Peel and John Steed, always sporting his bowler hat.

A number of actors have had the opportunity to play the roles of these two secret agents, including Patrick Macnee, Diana Rigg and Tara King. While the women emphasized the style of the leather boots, the men valued the chic side of the bowler hat. A headgear that counts among the accessories not to be missed by devotees of the retro genre.

The bowler hat: a retro cut for a trendy look

Today, the bowler hat appeals for its sophisticated style. It comes in a range of colors and is worn by both men and women. Many brands offer their models of bowler hats with more or less retro cuts. Jaxon & James relies on the sobriety of the black English bowler hat. A sophisticated retro cut that's sure to please if you're looking for a simple hat for winter. But black isn't the only color available. Like the other hats and caps offered by Chapellerie Traclet, the melon hat comes in a range of colors.

Our selection of melon hats: a wide variety of colors and styles

Do you dream of sporting a retro hat that comes with a touch of whimsy? The advantage of the chapeau melon is that it can come in different colors (black, red, burgundy, blue, etc.). Its shape generally remains the same, but it often differs from one model to another. The brims of the Bowler hat by Guerra are slightly larger than those of the English hat by Jaxon, for example. Some models also feature small decorative accessories (ribbon, bow, feathers, etc.).

Melon hats that adapt to all seasons

Practical, the bowler hat is a style you'll wear whatever the season. If you're looking for a hat for winter, favor a wool felt model like the blue Steed bowler hat by Guerra. With its black ribbon, this accessory will suit both men and women. In the same style, you'll appreciate the chic side of Traclet's Saint-Patrick model. For summer, opt for a straw bowler hat. This will allow you to wear a more refined headgear than a sports cap for your outings.

Let yourself be charmed by the retro look of a women's bowler hat

As a big fashion enthusiast, do you love wearing accessories to perfect your look? A fan of the retro genre, would you like to treat yourself to a bowler hat? Choose from our selection of women's hats.

Adopt a chic style with an English bowler hat

If in the series "Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir" and "Laurel et Hardy", the famous hat is worn by a man, today it is very popular with women and rightly so. Do you like the refined side of this hat shape? You'll find several models in our collection in different colors (black, red, green, etc.) and materials (wool felt, straw, etc.). Opt for a The King's Day orange bowler hat for sophisticated style. Fall for the elegance of the Steed hat in wool felt by Guerra for a chic look, or opt for the simplicity of a bowler hat or black English.

Find the bowler hat that perfectly matches your size

Before making your choice, take care to measure your head circumference to find out your size. You can also choose your bowler hat according to its height and brim size. In fact, Chapellerie Traclet's hat models are also differentiated by their dimensions. For example, the Bowler melon hat by Guerra is 10 cm high and has a brim of over 5 cm. The Steed model, from the same brand, is 2 cm taller and features a smaller brim (4 cm). Timeless elegance that adapts to your face and head size.

Choose the shape and color of your bowler hat to suit your preferences

In order to choose your women's bowler hat, you need to opt for a model that suits your preferences. Favor a sober color like black or burgundy if you want a simple hat that goes with everything. Make sure you select a cut that suits your face shape. As with choosing a cap, take care to measure the size of your head circumference when making your choice.

The men's bowler hat: a must-have fashion accessory

Patrick Macnee in "Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir", Charlie Chaplin, the characters Laurel and Hardy, the mime Marceau... These men all have one thing in common: they wear bowler hats. Fancy adopting the retro look of one of the trendiest fashion accessories? Discover the selection of melon hats from Chapellerie Traclet.

Let yourself be tempted by John Steed's style with a bowler hat

Are you looking for a man's hat? How about indulging in the mythical style of John Steed, one of the famous characters from the "Bowler Hat and Leather Boots" series? For an elegant look, bet on the sophisticated side of a black English bowler hat from Jaxon Hats. If you're looking for a touch of originality, dare the bright colors of The King's Day by Traclet, Saint-Patrick, Steed or Bowler by Guerra.

Opt for a wool felt bowler hat for winter

Practical and comfortable, the bowler hat can be worn in any season. In winter, a wool felt hat will protect your head from the cold with more elegance than a simple beanie. In black, burgundy or green, the bowler hat is easy to wear whatever your style. What's more, the retro feel of this hat shape has come back into fashion in recent years. You might as well not deprive yourself!

Crave for the chic style of the kid's bowler hat

A retro series character-themed party in prospect? Are you looking for a disguise for your little one? Opt for the vintage yet classy style of the New Avengers character John Steed. Among our selection of children's hats, you'll find pretty models of fine wool felt bowler hats. Black or yellow, it's up to you to choose the color that suits your little one's desires from among our trendy products.

Fashion enthusiast or lover of the retro genre, let yourself be tempted by an original hat from our vast selection of bowler hats featured on this page. Take advantage of the opportunity to treat yourself to a cap with or without fur, depending on the season, from our men's, women's and children's collections. What's more, as a customer you'll benefit from free delivery for purchases of 90 euros or more!

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