Created in 2004, the Brixton brand offers a range of hats, caps and bonnets with a style combining modernity and tradition. Inspired by the music, culture and environment with which they grew up, the 3 founding friends wanted to create a collection of accessories corresponding to their urban and classy lifestyle. Each BRIXTON hat is made with a commitment to high quality that is the hallmark of the brand's reputation and prestige.

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Brixton cap and beret brixton
Roscoe Roscoe
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Brixton - The fruit of a beautiful collaboration

Created in 2004, the brand Brixton offers a range of hats, caps and hats mixing modernity and tradition.

The Brixton brand is at the origin of 3 friends who wanted to offer unique products that correspond to their lifestyle. The audacity that the 3 founders took, was to associate innovative and modern shapes with materials and colours that are everywhere. They wished, through their hats, caps and bonnets, to differentiate themselves by proposing innovative and trendy products. Brixton is a brand in its own right that is difficult to imitate, so they have managed to create a timeless collection with unique designs

Quality is the watchword of the Brixton brand, it is their main commitment, so they offer their customers high quality products

You won't be able to pass by, buy a Brixton hat, whatever it is, you can be sure it will be with you for a long time

So come and discover our wide range of Brixton hats, caps and caps of the Brixton brand

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