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The sailor's cap, an authentic style

Oh, hey, bubblehead! Come here to discover our real sailor's caps whose shape is known to all sailors and fishermen around the world. The Traclet house proposes you to discover the authentic sail or's cap which is also called "Breton cap" made of woollen cloth with a braid and a short visor.

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About the history of the Sailor's Cap

If you don't know the history of the sailor's cap, here is a short summary. This piece was once reserved for the army, in fact this headgear was an integral part of their military uniform. At the time, for the naval officers, it was the bicorne, the accessory of predilection. Imposing and impractical, this hat quickly gave way to the lighter but equally warm and comfortable seaman's cap.

Designed to withstand the weather conditions that sailors can encounter, whether it is sun, wind or rain, these items have the solid reputation of being quality headwear.
Available in many different models and made from different materials and fabrics, from the sailor's sock to linen or cotton, the sailor's caps will adapt to your environment and bring a touch of originality that will go everywhere, while protecting your head in summer and winter. Nowadays, you don't need to be a soldier to wear it!

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How is a sailor's cap made?

The real sailor's cap is basically made of woollen cloth and made in France, it used to be an integral part of sailors' clothing. Often available with a short visor, this piece later became a flagship accessory for both men and women

Originally worn with the traditional military uniform, today it can be worn with very feminine pieces such as a dress. Anyway it is an accessory that will dress your head in all circumstances

How do you wear a sailor's cap?

At its size to begin with, of course, and that's the first point to consider. A sailor's cap that is too big will fall on your eyebrows in an inelegant manner. Too small a visor demarcation will leave an unwanted mark on your forehead and won't give you a longer silhouette You choose the size you want.

Then, nothing could be simpler, choose the style and colour. The sailor's cap remains a very easy accessory to wear, whether with a chic or casual outfit, it goes with everything and is suitable for both men and women! With jeans, a warm wool sweater and a long coat: you are ready for this winter. And for the summer season, it will be perfect with a pretty little flowery dress or a bermuda shirt and t-shirt for men of course!

For women, you can leave your hair loose or do a slightly more structured hairstyle like with a low bun or braids on the side. All you'll have to do is put on your cap to spend a cool day.

You can opt for a replica of the real sailor's caps, white or blue with decorative braids or even the captain's cap for the more daring But if you want a less conspicuous and more classic model, choose a fabric or cotton model that remains neutral in terms of colours and patterns. Embroidered or not, with a matching trim, the choice is yours!

There are many models to wear with both a feminine and masculine look. Like the gavroche, the sailor's cap is a piece that brings that touch of elegance and originality that will make all the character of a stylish outfit. Finally, to wear it pleasantly in the summer, prefer light and comfortable materials such as cotton or linen, for example.

How do you clean a sailor's cap?

After wearing the cap, especially if you wear it daily, it may need to be cleaned. We recommend that you clean your cap as often as possible to prevent dirt or stains from becoming completely embedded

After a few uses of your headgear, we advise you to take a white cloth that you soak in a mixture of cold water and a few drops of ammonia With this cloth you go around the inside of your cap where the perspiration is fixed in order to remove it and prevent it from getting into the fabric.

If your cap needs a more thorough cleaning, it is advisable to soak the cap in a basin filled with cold water with a few drops of ammonia to remove perspiration The best is to hand wash it in cold water with ammonia. This removes perspiration but also brings back the colours.

  • To do this, take a pan of cold water and add a mignonette of ammonia. You can do this twice if the cap is very dirty.
  • Then leave the cap to soak for a few minutes. If perspiration is heavy, use a small brush to remove impurities.
  • Then iron the cap in a pan of cold water without ammonia.
  • Finally, you drain it with a terry cloth and let it dry at room temperature and especially not in a too hot environment. Let your headgear dry flat, well stuffed with white tissue paper so that it keeps its shape.

Another technique is the use of the dishwasher:

  • Place the cap at the top, alone, at the level of the glasses, then operate the machine with cold water. This is very important, both for wool, cotton or Alcantara caps, because otherwise the inner coarse grain will be reduced.
  • Take it out. Do not twist it to drain it, but blot the cap in a terry towel and let it air dry.
  • If you prefer to leave it to the experts, don't panic! You can also go to your favourite hatter and ask him to clean your headgear, he will know how to help you

A cheap Navy Cap at any price

Discover all the different styles of sea caps for summer and winter: commodore cap, admiral cap, captain's cap, Breton cap, fisherman's cap and the sea beret called "bachi de marin" "marine nationale". Our caps are accessible to all budgets, from the cheap sailor's cap to the Breton sailor's cap at a higher cost. For a classic cap, discover our selection of Breton caps or Breton caps, flat, Irish... The sailor's cap is one of the known caps in the field of hats; however one may ask the question: where to find a real sailor's cap?

Indeed, there are many models but few real seafarer's hats from the fishing world, the one worn by fishermen but also by the merchant navy. Initially, the sailor's cap was reserved for men and those working in the marine sector. Today, this woollen cap is worn by women as well as children and babies and is still available in navy colours. You will thus find women's sailor caps as well as children's sailor caps for all tastes and desires. Now available in different colours such as black, grey or more vivid and fashionable colours such as burgundy, mustard yellow, purple... From size 53 cm to 65 cm, you will enjoy a wide choice to please the greatest number!

This will turn this piece into a real fashion accessory, you probably haven't escaped the trend of the women's sailor style cap on the heads of many fashionistas. Worn with a dress or simply with a more casual garment and a pair of sneakers, it will be perfect! Or with an outfit a little more "sporty" to break its sailor side.

Pleasant to wear and ideal to easily accessorize an outfit, the cap style sailor woman and man allows to perfect an outfit. This sailor's hat is soft and warm for this winter. If you don't know how to wear it we invite you to read our article How to wear a sailor's cap? You will discover a lot of tips to choose the right hat for you and to match it according to your look and your desires. For all ages and desires, this hat has something to please.

In a more traditional or fashionable design, you can easily make your choice from our large list of products. The Breton sailor's cap will be perfect to wear everyday or for events such as fancy dress parties. The navy cap is a little bit similar to the gavroche style caps which are wider and more puffy like the Parisian titi cap.

There are many brands of sailor's caps, such as the Chapellerie Traclet, but also Armor Lux and Saint-James, which take to heart the need to make quality articles. Some caps, of our brand, are specially made in France in order to offer you quality pieces with beautiful finishes. Opt also for the sailor's cap and fall for this new fashion which will dress the head of all your family.

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