Crambes -Labelled as a Living Heritage Company

Thanks to its many qualities, Crambes offers quality models responding to a unique know-how

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Crambes, the French headgear

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Crambes : A labelled French know-how !

The know-how of the brand is based on two fundamental elements: human and material.

The brand's key words are: quality, demand, rigour, precision and application and respect for the materials it has acquired over time and generations as well as market developments with its fashions and trends. Ideas and designs give birth to patterns and gradations. Then come the materials, the fusing, the cuts, the stitching, the forming, and the assembly to make the first prototypes. Trimmings, accessories and hydraulic ironing lead the headgear to the beginning of its history.

Crambes is renowned for the quality of its manufacture, major brands as well as emerging designers entrust it with the production of top-of-the-range models. It is able to realize the creation, design, pattern making and grading of all types of hats and caps.

Come and discover our selection of this French brand that never ceases to please, even at the end of the world!

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