The bob hat - A new look for the bob!

A few years ago, who would have bet that the bob would become a hyper-trendy fashion accessory?

Basically, this hat was designedwith practicalityin mind.Indeed, it was first used in the 1940s by soldiers to protect their heads from the sun in the desert, but also by glider pilots since this hat allowed to keep a very good visibility, contrary to a classic visor that hindered vision. That' s why this small round and soft hat was generally made of canvas with large edges , to protect from the sun while maintaining good visibility, with a great ease of storage

Timeless style

We offer you many models, from the most classic to the most trendy and the most practical, but if you don't find what you are looking for, contact us: the Chapellerie Traclet also manufactures to order for major brands and for private individuals.

A unisex accessory

This is also one of the advantages of the bobsleigh, its style is mixed and it is often available in one size, which makes it suitable for everyone. For both women and men, this bob brings the extra touch to many looks.

It is also suitable for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest! Something to satisfy everyone!

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The bob the hyper-plugged accessory!

The bob hat is a form of hat which is worn because of its origin (to protect oneself from the sun) mainly in summer. However, because of the practical and fashionable aspect of the bob, more and more models are specially designed for winter with its ridges and bad weather

The bob cut is well suited for beach outings but also for family picnics in the countryside. Moreover, this hat covers the head well and allows you to keep your ease compared to the fedora or the traveller shape. It also makes it possible to have a optimal comfort during outdoor activities

For a few years now, the bob has been making a comeback and is worn in summer and winter. Nowadays, it has become a real cult and trendy object, with crazy prints or ultra-class materials. The old-fashioned bob is now giving way to the stylish bob!

Many prestigious brands have revisited this form to bring it back in a much more trendy and modern spirit, such as Brixton, Kangol, Huf, ... Even if the classic bobsleigh has always existed, new bobsleigh models are arriving: no more kitschy bobsleigh that we were forced to wear when we were children on the beach!

The Traclet hat shop is proud to offer you its wide selection of bobs to suit all tastes: from the most classic to the trendiest and the most practical.

Beware it will be difficult for you not to find the right one!

A bob for every season

The bob has the advantage of being available in different materials, allowing it to be worn in winter or summer

To protect yourself from the sun and heat, we recommend light cotton or linen bobs, which will be perfect to keep your head cool and protected. Some even have a UPF 50+ protection factor for even more protection against the sun's harmful rays. If you like original colour and patterns, the summer bos will be perfect for you! Whether you're heading to the beach or to the city

In winter, you will find bobs made of wool, faux fur, cashmere... to ensure comfort and softness in all circumstances. Worn with a dressed-up jacket or on the contrary a sportswear style, the winter bob will go with almost everything!

You will also be able to buy rain bobs specially designed for your outdoor activities. Indeed, if you are a fan of sports such as fishing or hunting, waterproof bobs will be very useful

Cheap Bob

The bobsleigh has become the trendy and cult accessory for all seasons. Whether it is coloured or not, the bob is the essential tool to protect yourself from the sun

We offer you a wide choice of cheap bobs that will satisfy your cravings

Who said that being stylish is expensive? Thanks to the selection of cheap bobs that the Chapellerie Traclet has made for you, you can be sure that you will be protected from the sun in style and at a low price. Whether in the city or on the beach, the bob will become your best friend

Don't worry, you won't look like a nerd with a bobsleigh anymore. On the contrary, in recent years, the bob has been reinvented in completely different styles which will allow you to be trendy in all circumstances

You will be able to crack for several bobs because with small prices like these, you will have a multitude of choices in the morning

We have chosen for you, a multitude of bobs all different from each other: you will find cheap bobs coloured or sober, cheap bobs with or without patterns. Whatever your style, we guarantee that you will find your happiness in terms of cheap bobs

And of course, just because they are cheap bobs doesn't mean that we don't care about quality. On the contrary, like all the products you will find on our site, the cheap bobs are of good quality

Be careful, you won't be able to do without them!


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