Sherlock Cap

The sherlock cap

The sherlock cap, a popular accessory in England, has become an institution across the Channel. With its real name "Deerstalker", the Sherlock cap is a chef's hat that is worn in the countryside

Come and discover our range of Sherlock caps, which will make you feel like a private detective

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Sherlock's cap "Elementary, my dear Watson."

Your dream is to have the equipment of the perfect detective?

No problem, your dream will come true. As you may have noticed, no matter where Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Waston go on their adventures, you will always see him with his cap on.

Indeed, if you combine the Sherlock cap with a magnifying glass and a pipe. BINGO! You've got the perfect English detective outfit.

It's a tweed cap and it gives a fall tone to your outfit. Indeed, the Sherlock cap is most often worn during hunting parties

Deerstalker Cap: For all styles

It's a form of cap original which has two foldable visors and earmuffs on the sides. And on top of that, the Sherlock cap keeps your head warm. The Sherlock cap is made of wool and the ear muffs guarantee absolute comfort and practicality

We have a wide selection of Sherlock caps, so dare to put yourself in the shoes of a famous detective for a moment

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