Hat - Soway cap

Hats designed in France made in Portugal. The only French hat brand to offer UPF 50+ protection.

  • Anti-uv: very high sun protection: Certified UPF 50+, Australian and New Zealand standard.
  • AS/NZS 4399, the most severe FEATHER WEIGHT (less than 100 g): this one is kept on the head.
  • Anti infrared: it stays cool under the sun.
  • Foldable - ultra adaptable.
  • Internal adjustments for easy adjustment to the head circumference.
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Soway - sun protection hat

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Soway - High sun protection hats

The Soway brand is a French brand; born in La Baule in Loire Atlantique. Soway's objective is to offer models that are both elegant and meet the current requirements of anti-UV

Soway combines functionality with chic without forgetting elegance - the brand's models are made of "TYVEK" polyethylene and are therefore ANTI-UV - WEIGHT-PLUMES (less than 100 grams) and also ANTI-INFRARED (which allows it to keep your head cool in the sun)

These 3 qualities give it maximum comfort and protection in extreme heat (Patent pending)

Finally, each hat and cap has a very practical adjustment and setting system to fit every head circumference.

A Soway anti-UV hat will effectively protect you from UV rays by guaranteeing you unrivalled comfort.

A light, airy and anti-infrared head cover. Furthermore, your Soway hat will not heat up in the sun and you will keep it on longer.

Hats protect from the sun but they do not all protect in the same way, just like sun creams which do not all have the same protection factor. A Soway hat protects you 3 times more than a classic hat.

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