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Top hat: the classic par excellence!

The origin of this hat shape dates back to the Consulate and Empire period between 1800 and 1815, and became widely popular during the Romantic period from 1815 to 1840. The top hat used to be a symbol of wealth and a sign of a higher social class. Today, it is an accessory representing chic in its ultimate form for assertive personalities in search of a distinguished style. A symbol of chic and excellence, the top hat is frequently worn on special occasions such as weddings, certain shows or cabarets, or for equestrian dressage. Hard rock guitarist Slash has made it his favourite hat, with which he appears at every concert.

Our selection of top h ats is obviously composed of classic models in wool or hair felt, but also of more modern models that tend towards new styles such as leather top hats made in Australia, or even fabric top hats. You will therefore find both great classics as well as original and atypical models

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About the top hat

The origin of the top hat comes from country gentlemen who, in order to protect themselves (albeit rudimentary) in case of a fall from a horse, make the edges of their hat narrower and increase the height of the cap. A system of lace was camouflaged inside so that the hat would hold securely on their heads. It was from the 1810s onwards that the top hat went from a simple fashion novelty to a true symbol of the social condition of the 19th century bourgeoisie. It confers a certain elegance on the wearer and makes him or her look taller, due to its unusual height and imposing appearance. The top hat will therefore symbolize an important social rank, wealth and respectability. From 1870, it will become smaller. At the end of the 19th century, it was still considered a symbol of distinction and even became an integral part of the uniforms of policemen, postmen and the railway.

La Chapellerie Traclet has the undeniable advantage of working with many manufacturers in France, but also internationally with Wegener, Guerra or Ponse in Spain Don't forget that top hats are also available in our shops in Roanne and St Etienne, which means considerably reduced delivery times!

The Top Hat - a hat ideal for a big event but not that

This kind of hat is not necessarily easy to wear every day to go to the office or to go shopping, this hat is on the other hand adapted for a ceremony such as a wedding, a social event or even to be used as a magician's hat even if he prefers a slap hat.

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