Summer Cap

Casquette été

The cap for a cool summer!

Now it's time to leave your big coats and caps in the closet to enjoy the summer heat. Summer is surely the most appreciated and awaited summer period for everyone. It is often synonymous with idleness and holidays. If you like to wear a hat or caps during the winter, you can do the same for the summer

For a summer, away from the sun, we recommend light and fresh materials such as cotton or linen. Designed to keep warm and let your head breathe, these materials are ideal in hot weather. In terms of shapes, you will have the choice. Baseball caps, like those of the New Era brand, are often made of cotton, so they will be perfect. But don't worry, other shapes such as flat, domed, sailor... are also available! For more feminine models, we offer caps with wider visors for better protection of the face and a very elegant look assured

For the most sensitive skins, you will find in this category, many anti-uv caps. Specially designed to protect you from harmful rays, they are perfectly adapted for the hottest countries. As with the Australian brand Aussie Apparel, which makes quality and very protective caps

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Casquette été

A light and pleasant cap

If you can't stand the heat at all, we advise you to wear a cap for the summer. Just as essential as a good sunscreen, the summer cap is made to keep your head cool!

To make it even more comfortable to wear, opt for light materials such as linen and cotton. Lighter tones are also to be preferred, it is also the time to dare more showy and original colours and patterns. Leave dark tones for autumn and winter and dare to go for summer!

For a total and effective protection against the sun, we recommend the anti-uv caps. Specially made to protect the most sensitive skins, these caps are perfect against the sun's harmful rays. Light and airy, they are also very pleasant to wear even in hot weather. The models neck cover are strongly recommended, especially for children. Very practical, they will protect both the face and the neck in an effective way

Wearing a cap in the summer is a question of protection but also of style. Indeed, it will allow you to accessorize an outfit and bring the final touch. The summer cap also has the advantage of being very practical, especially when you go to the beach or take a walk. Depending on the shape and materials, it can be easily folded into a pocket or bag. Whether for a casual, sporty or chic look, you will find what you are looking for this summer!

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