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The FAYET brand offers a wide choice of high-quality rods, from the most classic to the most original models to make everyday life easier.

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Quality walking sticks and canes

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The cane, a help for centuries

The cane, which comes from the Latin "canna" meaning reed, is an accessory that helps people to walk. Basically they were simple wooden sticks that supported people in need.

From the Middle Ages onwards, the cane became a distinctive element for the nobility and the bourgeoisie. It evolved in its forms and was more worked.

The Traclet hat shop offers you superb models of canes whether they are black, wooden or with silver details. You will find the cane that suits you, with an original pommel or a more classic shape according to your desires, your walking stick will be synonymous with elegance and luxury.

Match your walking stick to your most beautiful ceremonial hat for special occasions.

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