La Toque - To fight against winter temperatures!

The toque is the essential feminine hat to protect you from the winter cold. Elegant and traditional, it comes in different shapes, materials and colours. Very worn in the coldest countries, it will be a real comfort when the cold is very cold. It is the chic and timeless accessory that can be worn by everyone!

Perfect for long winter days, the fake or real fur toque will be the ideal companion for this winter! Easy to wear, it will allow you to add the finishing touch to any look, whether you are shopping in town or going to a party

Discover from our wide selection of toques, the one you need! Whether you prefer a classic winter toque or a more colourful and original model, you'll find what you're looking for!

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The Toque, an elegant accessory

The toque is an essential to have in a warm and comfortable wardrobe, it is the elegant and trendy accessory you need for this winter. When temperatures are at their lowest or snow is present, the toque will be more than necessary! Whether it's made of fleece, fur or faux fur, it will keep your head warm while protecting you from the cold

Whether you plan to take a long walk in the woods or simply go into town, the toque is made for you! The toque remains easy to wear and to match with many outfits. It will be all the more elegant when combined with a well-dressed outfit than with a casual one. Face the cold with style and elegance!

The Chapellerie Traclet offers you many models: like toques in real rabbit fur and fox or fake fur toques. The real fur toque will bring you even more softness and warmth but if you want to opt for a fake fur toque, it is also a very good choice

The advantage of the toque is that there's something for everyone! You will be able to treat yourself by buying many models according to your budget and desires

At the Chapellerie Traclet you will find models for both men and women, so don't hesitate to adopt this timeless headgear!

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