The floppy hat

For a few years now, the floppy hat has become the essential headgear for women. Thanks to its wide brim, it is the hat most likely to protect you from the sun

Discover our wide selection of hats, in all these colours and materials, you will be sure to succumb!

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The floppy hat: the ladies' headgear par excellence

The floppy hat is a multi-function hat. Indeed, thanks to the width of its edges, you can be sure that you and your hair will be protected from the sun. On top of that, it is a headgear that brings style and elegance to your outfit

You can find capelines in different materials, which will adapt very well to the occasion you wish to wear it. At the beach or even at a ceremony, it is a hat that can be worn with everything. It is the retro-vintage accessory from the 70's that will definitely put you in the spotlight!

Hats: not only in summer!

Indeed, it is a headgear that can be worn in summer as well as in winter. It all depends on the material you have chosen for your hat. It can be made of straw, raffia or paper for the summer but also felt for the winter

If it is the form of hats that you prefer then do not hesitate, take one for the summer and another for the winter, as you will have the head protected whatever the season

La Chapellerie Traclet is thinking of you ladies, and offers you a wide choice of all kinds of hats. Come and discover what we have selected for you!

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