Alkantara, an impermeable and very practical material

Alkantara is a waterproof, low-soiling and easy-care material! It therefore deserves a lot of attention for its practicality on a daily basis... Discover our alcantarahats!

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Alcantara hats and caps

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Alcantara hats

Hats made of alcantara are revolutionary: this waterproof material will keep your head dry. Alcantara is a composite fabric made of finely woven polyurethane and polyester. Its advantages are numerous: dimensional stability, waterproofness, resistance to dirt, ease of maintenance, ...

The great quality of the alcantara hat is first of all to be completely waterproof. A hat of this type guarantees a dry head.

The alcantara hat is low-soiling and very easy to care for: just rub it with a damp cloth.

Finally, it is a headgear that combines the useful with the pleasant thanks to its very soft touch, similar to velvet.

Our alcantara hats are available in several forms: bob in alcantara, cap in alcantara or tribly in alcantara.

The patented textile material

Alcantara is a textile material created by Alcantara S.p.A. Used in many fields of activity, it has a fluffy appearance similar to suede

Alcantara - The star of the textile industry

Made in Italy, alcantara is widely used in many fields of activity: fashion, electronics, automotive, aviation...
An internationally renowned company, Alcantara markets its products worldwide

Transparency, quality and ethics, values that the brand wishes to illustrate with its Italian quality products

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