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Calculate your head circumference - How to take your size?

Mesurer son tour de tête pour choisir sa taille de chapeau

Measure your head size

  1. To measure your head circumference, measure around your head where the hat would rest i.e. at the middle of forehead and at the hump back of the skull (normally 0.5 to 1 cm above the eyebrows and ears).
  2. Hold the tape measure or band comfortably, as you would like your hat to fit (most measurement errors occur by applying the band too tightly).
  3. Read the closest size and refer to the diagram below to find your hat size.
  4. After taking your head size, choose the model of hat for women or men, women's cap or men's cap and women's beret or men's beret.

If you don't have a flexible tape measure, you can use a piece of rope or tape (non-extensible).

If your measurement falls in the middle of two sizes, we strongly recommend that you choose the larger of the two values. This will make wearing the hat more comfortable.

You can adjust the size of the hat with a small piece of foam or cork strips (which we can provide) to be placed behind the fabric or leather headband.

Click here to Print your tape measure and measure your head circumference (PDF 136ko)

Size Matching

Size (U.S.) XS S M L
Size 6 5/8 6 3/4 6 7/8 7 7 1/8 7 1/4 7 3/8
Inches 20 3/4 21 21 1/2 22 22 1/2 22 3/4 23
Metric 53 54 55 56 57 58 59
Size 7 1/2 7 5/8 7 3/4 7 7/8 8 8 1/8
Inches 23 1/2 24 24 3/8 24 7/8 25 1/8 25 1/2
Metric 60 61 62 63 64 65

Video Demonstration

See the cap in video on our site

Larger Sizes - special size

We wear the largest size on the product sheet, you can already discover large size hats available in the large size section. If your hat size is larger than the largest size offered for a given hat, we can stretch the hat to a larger size. It is also possible to make custom made hats. Please indicate the desired reference with the size.

As far as enlargement is concerned; there is no extra charge for stretching. However, please take into account the additional delay of 2 or 3 days

Please call us on: 04 77 71 40 58 for more information.