Bolo Tie

A touch of originality that completes the style of your hat

The Bolo Tie, also called "American Tie", is a lace held by a sliding pin. It elegantly accessorizes your hats.

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Bolo Tie, American neckties

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A bit of history on the Bolo Tie

The bolo tie, also known as a Texas tie, bolo, or American tie, is an accessory that is worn around the neck like a classic fabric tie. This tie consists of a cord (often leather) held by a decorative pin.

The bolo is often associated with a western tie or cowboy tie, yet it was only designed and patented in the 1950s by the American Vic Cedarstaff. The bolo was worn by Clint Eastwood or John Travolta in the emblematic film Pulp Fiction.

This accessory gives you directly a retro look that will remind you of westerns, it changes from the monotonous fabric tie, it is an original and unusual piece.

We propose you tie bolos with various ornaments that will remind you of the American Dream and that you can wear to change from the classic black tie

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