English domed cap

The English domed cap - A so british shape!

The English cap has a very narrow shape and is distinguished by its flat top. The domedcap, on the other hand, is noticeable by its naturally curved and rigid shape

Choosing an English domed cap is a guarantee for an elegant headwear with a headgear always up to date!

Timeless, it will elegantly underline the features of your face and will match all your outfits

Adopt the British style with our English hat models, for any occasion and whatever the season!

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English cap

The English cap is often flat in shape with a very deep back base to cover the neck. The English cap has the merit to protect the head from the bad weather.

English domed cap

For many years there has been the formed cap which is a felt cone base which is formed into the shape of a cap either in wool felt or hair felt.

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