Hiking & Travel Hats

A good hat for successful hikes

Hiking is an outdoor activity during which you are at the mercy of the weather: heat, wind, rain, ... With a good hiking hat, your trip will be pleasant! That's why we offer you a wide selection of hiking and travel hats that will protect you from bad weather!

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Hiking hat and travel cap, women / men

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Hiking and travel hats

A good hat is the essential accessory to slip into your suitcases during your travels. Our hiking and travel hats will protect your face from the elements while dressing your head in style

So which hat to choose?

Thanks to the hiking cap, enjoy beautiful walks protected from rain and sun

The reversible cap is essential to keep your head warm, protected from the freezing temperatures that plague Scandinavia.

The travel hat protects your face from rain, sun and cold so that you can go on an adventure with a light spirit.

The Saharan Dasht-e Kavir cap protects your head and neck from the sun during your African travels!

The bugatti Traveller's Hat is the perfect companion for travelling in peace and quiet. Plus it gives you a great traveler look!

Our hiking and travel hats are made of beautiful materials for optimal protection of your head. You'll find just the right hat for you!

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