Rain Hats

The best protection against rain

To keep your head dry, nothing better than a good rain hat! Waterproof, comfortable, cosy, elegant... the adjectives we are missing to characterize our hats. So make your choice quickly from over 100 hats specially designed to withstand the rain!

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A rain hat to keep your head dry

It's difficult to protect yourself from the rain with just an umbrella, so the waterproof hat is the ideal protection to keep your head dry.

In order to protect you from the raindrops, we offer you a wide choice of hats and caps for the rain. Hats made of oiled fabric or Gore tex are particularly suitable, and prove to be the most durable over time.

A little tip, if you take a big rain so hard that you end up soaked from head to toe, don't hang by your felt, wool, hair or fur hat. The best thing is to let it dry flat and in the open air to avoid any damage. Also, avoid using a hair dryer or radiator which could damage the fabric or felt.

Also, be sure to read the descriptions and instructions for your hats, especially if they are water repellent or waterproof, which is not quite the same thing. Some hats are waterproof from the start, while others have been treated and need to be waterproofed again.

The rain hat can have a bob cut which has the advantage of being unisex with various colours but also traveller, trilby or fedora shapes. The bobs are also practical because their soft plastic or oiled fabric material allows them to be folded easily. This headgear takes up very little space in a small bag or in your pocket. Waterproof rain hats are indispensable in autumn or spring, but also during summer storms

The unavoidable waterproof rain hats

The classic rain hat for women is the waxed bob that can be easily folded without a bag or in your raincoat pocket; otherwise there is the waterproof cap for men like the adin stetson cap in oiled cotton or the alcantara cap which is a traditional cap that is really waterproof thanks to its high quality fabric.

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