9forty cap

The 9forty caps

The 9forty cap is an essential model in the world of caps. It is a basic cap for men and women that can be worn in all seasons

The 9 forty is one size fits all but has a buckle that allows you to adjust it to the shape of your head

His story is tied in with the baseball story. Because originally, the 9forty cap is the cap of the uniform of the American baseball players.

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9 forty, an unbeatable model

The 9forty cap model is a rather refined model in terms of shape. Indeed, the 9forty cap is more adjusted to the size of the head circumference. In addition, the rounded shape of the visor, allows a better drawing of the face

Intended to be a baseball cap model, the 9forty is now available in adjustable models. Classic colors are used such as black, red and white, we now find khaki or fluorescent caps.

The 9forty by New Era

TRACLET hat shop offers you various models of 9forty caps. New era has created them, which has enabled it to become the leader in the cap market. But this success is not by chance. The brand has used the logos of the biggest MLB teams, Major league Baseball, to make it its trademark. The logos are sewn with a very thick thread. This technique gives them relief, and brings more style to the models

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