Torpedo - The French luxury hat

Torpedo is a French millinery founded in 1837. Ambassador of the haute couture hat in the world, it combines quality materials, design and comfort.

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Torpedo - Haute couture headwear
Scarf Scarf
€50.00 -€10.00 €40.00

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Torpedo - A refined quality

Torpedo are luxury hats with a refined style and extremely noble materials: from cotton to silk, cashmere, lace, linen or even exceptional calf, deer, ostrich or reptile leathers...

All Torpedo hats are embroidered and assembled by hand. Every little detail is studied for a hat jewel with the perfect finish and cut that will adorn your head with style, elegance and modernity.

Choosing a Torpedo hat is the guarantee of the know-how and prestige of a great hatter!

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