Head'N'Home - The uniqueness of leather

Head'N'Home certainly makes the most unique models in the world. In worked leather, each hat is the result of a handcrafted design labeled"Made in America"

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Head'n Home - Leather Made in America

The Head'n Home adventure began in 1970 with one man: Gary Watrous

With an investment of $20 and tools for working leather, the creator of the brand launches into the manufacture of leather products belts, wallets and purses. Not stopping there, he decides to sell them himself, in the back of his 1963 Chevy station wagon His creations are then received with enthusiasm and great interest.

Little by little, Gary Watrous starts making leather hats for his personal use. These hats met with great success, which encouraged the brand to specialize in headwear In addition, Head'N'Home has the label 'Made In America', a guarantee of American quality Mostly self-taught, Gary Watrous is nevertheless surrounded by his family as well as talented professionals.

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