Le Chapoté Paris

A unique and contemporary brand

For the French company, accessories such as caps and bobs are real fashion pieces to absolutely wear this season!

As far as their hat collections are concerned, they are unique and timeless. Indeed, the French brand focuses on bobs and caps with high quality fabrics

Le Chapoté, presents itself as a young and trendy brand, which offers its customers hats made with the help of a milliner who has been trained in luxury houses

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The French brand Le Chapoté Paris, trendy and contemporary!

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A matter for enthusiasts

Le Chapoté Paris is the story of bobs & caps lovers who said to themselves "But why do we all wear the same things, not so good? Do we all have to wear the same logo/cigle and colours? »

So they set out in search of their Holy Grail: a workshop that knows how to work, fabrics that stand out, designs that stand out on all heads.

A creative workshop in Paris, brainstorming on the ranges, shapes and colours ... tests and tests and tests and tests in order to offer you the DNA of the Le Chapoté brand: an elegant, urban, atypical universe, which can be worn in any season, on any outfit, on any head.

We all have several shoes, several shirts, several handbags. And we all have our tastes & our moods... so Le Chapoté offers you caps and bobs according to what you are: "humans different from each other"

French know-how

Accessories produced in France and in Europe in order to always offer you quality items. A realization with the hand, with the sewing machine, formed on wooden mould, in the tradition of the hatmaker.

So yes, some seams may not be perfect... but the human hand is not perfect. It is the fact of a handcrafted manufacturing that the brand fully assumes!

They therefore do their best to create unique headwear, of which no two are assembled in the same way: "caps that are different from each other".

Each model you wear required between 3 and 4 hours of work in their workshop (to which must be added upstream the sourcing of materials and the various design tests). Le Chapoté's first collection of caps and bobs is therefore completely in line with the "Craftsmanship". "A single head, a single cap".

Le Chapoté Paris

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