Basque beret

Basque beret, the timeless one

The Basque beret is indispensable to the wardrobe of all French people: the French beret is the symbol of the art of French dress. Discover more than 50 authentic Basque berets made by major French brands such as Laulhère or Fléchet!

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Basque beret: the headgear made in France

It is the French beret par excellence even if it is the Basque hat par excellence. Like the baguette, the beret has become a strong symbol of France.

We offer a selection of Basque berets made in France, in different materials and colours.

In addition, in recent years new French beret manufacturers have arrived and therefore offers new beret made in France; the French beret is the best known by exporting to Japan, the more artisanal beret factory offers handcrafted beret like the old Jacot beret. Its particularity is to propose the universal beret which makes the choice easier and avoids the worries of sizes during a gift. We are happy to propose since their launch these two brands of berets. The French beret proposes for example the tricolor beret which gives a new breath in the world of this famous chef's hat. The manufacture of berets thus proposes berets being as well Basque beret man as Basque beret woman especially on this type of universal beret ansi as the beret cap.

For women, men or children, the French beret is a hat adapted to all people and all morphologies. It is the essential hat for all French hat wearers, for a pure, classy and elegant style.

Le beret: A French story

The history of the Basque beret dates back to the 19th century. It was then worn by shepherds in the Basque Country. Shortly afterwards, artists, writers and bohemians took over the famous headgear.

During the Second World War, the Basque beret also covered the heads of resistance fighters hidden in the bush.

Nowadays it is part of the uniform of some armies. Che Guevara, for example, often wore a military beret with a star on the front; the Che beret has become an icon. Among civilians, the Basque beret is a trendy fashion accessory but also a sign adopted by young revolutionaries.

French quality

In wool, merino wool or cotton, the quality of our Basque berets is guaranteed by French hatters such as the Traclet hatter, the Fléchet hatter, or the Maison Lauthère, Le Beret Français. Buying a Basque beret also means keeping jobs in France.

Cheap Basque Beret: accessible to all

Quality at a low price without forgetting quality is what we offer with our range of cheap Basque beret for women and cheap Basque beret for men made in France by century-old hatteries.

The price of berets varies from the advertising Basque beret at 8€ to the authentic French Basque beret Flechet at 69,50€.

The Basque beret remains a vintage beret for many, but for many couturier it remains a head cover of choice.

How do you clean your beret?

As a general rule the Basque beret does not need to be washed, but like all clothes, the beret takes the dust and perspiration from the head.

Therefore, two possibilities are possible:

  • Entrust the beret to a professional cleaner who will have to clean it with Trichlo or subsitut
  • Clean by yourself. The little trick is to use a sticky paper like scotch tape that you stamp on your Basque beret. In this way, impurities such as hair and dust will stick to the adhesive and your beret will be as good as new. Otherwise, with the palm of your hand moistened with water, rub the surface of the beret. The dust will gather into a ball and the beret will be clean. »

Advice from the Hatter

If you humidify it to clean it, or if you have worn it in the rain, the trick in Béarn is to slide a plate of the right size (28 cm diameter), and to put it on the radiator. You will thus have a Basque beret like new.

The Basque beret here are the last French manufacturers who are the last who manufacture the Basque beret in the area of oloron sainte marie:

  • The French beret
  • Beret laulhere, formerly beatex, which bought the company blancq olibet
  • Manufacture de Berets by Denis Guedon

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