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Superyellow is a Scandinavian cup brand, which was created in 2007. Their place of origin is in Finland, a country known for its low temperatures and snowy winters, which is why the designers of this brand are so passionate about making practical hats for all seasons and occasions. You will find cups with Scandinavian design combined with high quality materials such as merino wool and organic cotton. Whether you choose to spend your free time in the mountains or just wander around the city, Super Yellow has the right hat for you


The Super Yellow brand is above all a brand for which the environment is more than important. If you may already know it; the Scandinavian countries are known for their commitment to global warming and our impact on the planet. Indeed, the Super Yellow brand is no exception to the rule. Since the beginning of their project, the designers have always aimed to create in an eco-responsible and local way. Thanks to local production and in particular the use of recycled materials, the brand is able to produce high quality products with a low environmental impact. For them, being a responsible company means starting with quality products that last over time. Nature remains our biggest inspiration and this should always be the case according to the Scandinavian brand

The Traclet hat shop is therefore very proud to present the new products of the Superyellow brand on its website

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The Super Yellow brand straight from Finland!

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It all started in Finland with the creation of hats. The Super Yellow brand only uses high quality materials that have been carefully chosen according to certificates requested from their suppliers. The merino wool used comes from South Africa, Argentina and New Zealand. There are no irritants or chemicals used in the manufacturing of this wool, and working conditions are strictly supervised. All merino wool is taken without having to perform the mulesing technique, which consists of removing a piece of flesh from the sheep in order to prevent infections, a painful and barbaric technique that the brand does not wish to reproduce. This results in happier sheep and better quality wool

Why use merino wool? According to the brand, it is simply the best material in the world for making hats. It's a breathable, warm material that lasts from season to season. By using merino wool, the Super Yellow brand is able to work together with farmers while sharing the same values and beliefs about the environment. Regarding products made of organic cotton. Cotton is produced in such a way as to reduce their impact on the environment during the production cycle. The cotton produced, meets ecological standards and this without using aggressive chemicals. As far as the techniques of dyeing in cotton are concerned, they are also eco-responsible


Every stage of the production of the hat is carried out in Finland. Local production is an important choice that the brand has made. Above all, we know that in Finland there is a strong know-how in this sector. Who is better placed to make woollen hats than the inhabitants of a country with the lowest temperatures? Moreover, thanks to local production, it is possible for them to reduce their impact on the environment thanks to short transport distances, which also helps to ensure good working conditions. Knitting and sewing take an important place in their factories, which have a long history in the manufacture of wool products. Once production is completed, a final check is carried out before the products are sent to customers

A brand committed and anxious to offer high quality products while respecting its ethical and environmental values. We love it!

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