Goorin - The authentic hat

In 1895, master craftsman Cassel Goorin sold his first hat on a horse and cart in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more than a century, the authenticity of Goorin designs has allowed people to tell their stories without ever having to say a word.

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Goorin - hats and caps

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Goorin - A family history

The history of the brand dates back to 1895, when Cassel Goorin sold his first hats aboard a cart. Building on its success, the company has achieved a high level of renown. Cassel's sons - the Goorin Brothers - continued the tradition of hat making. They moved the family business to San Francisco in 1949.

Today, Goorin Brothers is led by Cassel's great grandson who remains dedicated to the art of hat making inspired by San Francisco's rich artistic community. Cassel's legacy can be found in the detail and integrity of each hat

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