Mayser - 200 years of German millinery

With more than 200 years of experience in the field, the brand has high-quality know-how that has been refined over the years. Mayser offers you a very wide range of men's and women's hats which are of the highest quality in every respect, the "deutsh qualitat"

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Mayser, German luxury hatteries

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Mayser: The flawless "deutsh qualitat" that pleases!

Leonhard Mayser founded the company in 1800, and despite a period of turmoil with the occupation of the city by the Napoleonic tribes, success was not long in coming.

With its production of high-quality men's felt hats, Mayser made a name for itself even more than 200 years later. Sold in 44 countries with more than 350,000 hats, 4 collections of 300 hats each per year, Mayser is one of the world's largest hat specialists. And you can see at a glance that the hats on offer are of the highest quality.

We therefore invite you to come and discover our selection of products for this brand which has been popular for many decades, through its headwear of impeccable quality!

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