Founded in September 2019, the MontCapel cooperative has undertaken an ambitious project by reinvesting a former millinery site in the heart of the Haute Vallée de l'Aude (11). Our main mission is to revive and reinvent the tradition of millinery by restoring this site steeped in history. Our central objective is to renew the production of felt and wool felt hats. Felt, the emblematic material of millinery, is at the heart of our expertise. We are committed to revitalizing and modernizing it, while preserving its timeless charm. Beyond preserving this artisanal tradition, MontCapel is committed to promoting an environmentally-friendly approach to manufacturing. We favor the use of high-quality wool, and all our products are made with a deep concern for sustainability. Cooperation is at the heart of our model, and we are proud to be a company owned collectively by our members, all united by a common passion for quality craftsmanship. At MontCapel, we are determined to perpetuate tradition while shaping the future of millinery with a modern, environmentally-friendly touch. We warmly invite you to discover our work, our creations and our commitment to authentic craftsmanship, excellence and sustainability. MontCapel is the renaissance of felt, a tradition that endures, and a vision of the future that takes shape.

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