Von Dutch

Von Dutch: The Art of Self-Expression Through Caps

Von Dutch is more than just a fashion brand, it's a cultural movement that embodies the art of self-expression. At the heart of this iconic brand are caps, which have played a major role in shaping Von Dutch's unique identity.

The Von Dutch Story

Founded by Kenneth Howard, also known as Von Dutch, in the 1950s, the brand quickly gained notoriety thanks to its association with the world of custom, hot rods and counterculture. Von Dutch caps were the first to feature the brand's distinctive skull logo, becoming instantly recognizable in motorcycle and style circles.

A symbol of style and rebellion

Von Dutch caps transcend passing trends. They represent a perfect fusion of style and rebellion. Each cap is a masterpiece, with bold designs, unique embroidery and a sense of individuality. Whether adding a touch of panache to your everyday outfit or completing a streetwear look, Von Dutch caps are the ultimate accessory for those who refuse to follow the norm.

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